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We want a t-shirt that looks modern, trendy and fashionable, something you could see a millionaire/company president/executive wear on the weekend. Our concept is to have a refined, trendy, fashionable "action/tattoo/graffiti/script" design to have on the shirts.

The main part of the design needs to be the words "Driving Strategic Sales". That is our company slogan. The words need to be stylized in a modern, tattoo type of script. Add a subtle background design if it will look good behind the lettering.

Below that, as secondary element on the t-shirt, we would like to see our company logo:
You can download an EPS copy of our logo from

The color of the shirt will be black or dark grey. The colors we want to use in the design are black and red along with various shades of grey.

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  • I tried to "artful script for the Driving Strategic Sales lettering, something that relates to construction"
  • Hello Maxson, thank you for contributing! I like this design, you did follow the _tattoo_ idea and this is a good implementation of that concept. This feels too bold, too heavy. This is like a Chevy Camaro SS and I'm looking for a Ferrari F458. Clever, refined with delicious, interesting subtleties. Guys, the design does't have to be an esoteric, meaningless tribal shape. Feel free to use real objects in your design. Hammers, cars, sunglasses, buildings, light bulbs, whatever!
  • Thanks for fast feedback. Iam working on your suggestions
  • I like WHERE the elements are, but too bold, not subtle or refined. Rich, delicate, sophisticated, intelligent... these are qualities that the winning design will have. Thank you for contributing a second design Stev27. I liked your first design very much, but we're still far away from the final product.
  • This one isn't as good as your other submission. The lettering is too messy and aggressive. And the background shape is too random, it has nothing to do with the design, it's just there for the sake of having a shape there. What about a background shape or background design that has something to do with driving, or construction, or sales? Or victory, or growth? Everyone seems to be using organic, tribal shapes instead of something that has something to do with our company.
  • This is better, but I don't know where to take it next. It's still too Wal-Mart and not Nordstrom enough. I don't know what to do about it.
  • Interesting, this design has some subtleties, quite good actually. Could you rotate the lettering a little less and try rotating the logo to match?
  • DESIGNERS please remember, all entries must be original work. Clipart or pre-made templates are not tolerated on DesignContest.net. Thank you
  • I am not sure why both of my submissions look like this. They look fine on my computer screen.
  • Thanks for fast feedback. Iam working on your suggestions
  • Nice quick feedback. I am working on it. Thank you.
  • Libby, A pretty violent design, but I like where you put the slogan and logo. Could you make the shirt a darker grey and then push the splatter holes into the background a bit by making them darker?
  • Sure no problem, clear guidelines and working on it. Thank u.
  • I have updated the contest description to de-emphasize the bold graffiti type of design. Trendy, subtle, fashionable! That is the design we want.
  • Invincibletiger: I'm giving this a good rating because it uses some nice, subtle, dark grey shapes in the background. It looks cool! A couple of notes to get this design to the finish line: - can you try creating a dramatic, artful script for the Driving Strategic Sales lettering instead of the bold type-writer font? - the shapes you used in the background: they're totally random. Can you replace them with something that relates to construction, sales or driving?
  • This was a great design... but I just can't reconcile it with the wealthy high-society crowd I need to throw this shirt into.
  • Simple and clean. Could you lessen the rotation on the lettering? It's a bit too much. This design needs some richness added.
  • Hello Marcovich, Ok, we're moving this one forward a little bit, good! 1) The background: too solid. Try taking it back a little more, give it a textured, ethereal mood instead of a splatter of random shapes. Can the shapes you use in the background use a "construction" or "driving" concept? There's just too much random shapes to make this a winning design. Subtle is what we need. With these first two designs, we had the pedal to the metal. Now it's time to ease up on the gas and strip away the fluff to get at the core.
  • This design has some strengths. I like that you included some background elements, but there's no subtlety in the design. Would a millionaire, company president, CEO wear this? I don't think he would. He wants to wear a refined, textured, shirt that he likes and that people will think he paid $1500 for.
  • Marcovich, Nice design. The background is exciting, but pretty think. Can you thin it out some? More textures, less solids. More subtlety. The 50's Drive-In font is... 49% good. Someone else had an interesting script font that looked nicely hand-crafted. Can you create a dramatic script font to use here?