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i like this design. Designer understood my purpose.


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Winning design #41 by danielmijatovic, T-shirt Design for Mosigra Game Shop | Мосигра Contest
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designed by danielmijatovic

Project description

We ( are a company that sells board games, toys, gizmos and gimmicks of all sorts, holds private and corporate gaming events, and we're looking for a new awesome t-shirt design. There are two design options to consider: 1. T-shirt with a logo. No preferences. We encourage creativity and are open to any layout. 2. T-shirt with a logo, college/university style (see attachment) Open to your ideas. The design has to include the following information IN RUSSIAN cyrillics (with the obvious exception of web address): Мосигра (Mosigra) Выигрывай каждый день (win every day) с 2008 года (since 2008) Our logo English translation is given for reference only. You can find sample t-shirt designs in the files attached. T-shirts are intended for sale. We are open to creativity. The only requirement - you have to make the t-shirt so awesome that it's absolutely 'untakeoffable' :)

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  • Why are there only jpeg logo files. We need at least an EPS file to make a good design. Or am I a complete fool now?
    • I added a logo in eps format.

    • Thanks. But as you can see I already made it myself. But thanks again.

    • Yes, I see. Thanks

  • Greetings CH, On my #22 entry I am trying a image parody which represents the "win every day" slogan. On my next entries i'll try this idea through different angles: perhaps using the calendar for the t-shirt front, and the calendar pages for the t-shirt back. Your feedback is very important to me. Best regards, Diego.
  • Hi Everyone.. Plaese feedback on the Writing as i dont spaek Russian.. if all Letters are Correct to read.. The Main Logo name is as wished Custom made in College Style.. There i ll need the most care if everything is readable in Russian.. Thanks in Advance, CoolAid.
  • Hi CH, please take a look at #6. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.
  • In #12, #13 and #14 let's remove "с 2008 года". Сan you do it?
    • я удалил надпись "с 2008 года", но не могу отправить отредактированную работу, Ñ‚.к. я достиг своего лимита загрузки. Можно ли как-то решить эту проблему?

  • HI CH! I'm interested to join your contest. I just have some questions: 1. do you prefer a singles color print? or are you open to full color design? 2. can I use some characters like human characters on the design? please reply. thanks!
    • Hi! 1. You can use several colors. 2. Yes, of course you can

  • Interesting design. But the word "Mosigra" you lost your last letter. If you can, correct please.
    • Sorry, my bad. i lost it during copy/paste. I will correct and upload ASAP. Regards

    • Alright. Don't hurry.

    • Hi I corrected it, see #31 and #32. You can eliminate the wrong ones. Regards, feedback is welcome Andrei

    • Ok. I responded to #31, but on a white background (#32) I like more. Thank's.

    • Actually, this design is one color. I made it this way so it can be silk screened easily, in any color onto any tshirt color, and also stay cost effective. It can be white on any dark or suitable color, or it can be red or any color on white. Thanks

    • Well, I understend. Thanks

  • Thank's
    • No thanks at all. I thought a bit of art would be nice.

  • Quite well! Thank's
  • Thank's.
  • Thank's
  • Thank's. But in red was interesting.
  • Russian game shop is translated as "Магазин игр". If you can, correct it, please
  • Thank's
  • Thank's
  • Good. Thank's
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  • All readable. Thank's
  • Good. Thank's.