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I am looking specifically for a "Schoolhouse Rock" themed t-shirt design that uses "Occ Docs Rock!" as the wording.  We are a physician-based non-profit and, instead of the grammar characters and superheroes in the original logo, it would be awesome to have doctors, nurses and healthcare workers as the "superheroes" around the name.  Here is a link to the original Schoolhouse Rock logo for reference: .  It would be nice to have the ACOEM logo built into the design.

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  • I really like this...but not sure how it would work with a different color shirt. is the design and cityscape transparent so it can be placed on any color shirt, or is the blue background a permanent part of the design? #16
    • @nfalco Background will be transparent so no issue with any T-shirt color

    • @nfalco you can check the images with transparent background here Thanks

  • just edited the text..make it more t shirt look..thank you #15
  • hi..please wait for my entry...i have read your comments...and will be working to give you the best design.... thank you
    • @erwinubaldo87 Still waiting for your design...time running out.

  • Time is running out. Last chance to get your designs in! Do others have different interpretations? Thanks to all who have participated.
  • Hi CHnfalco, please see my design in #11 , #12 , #13 , #14
  • #14
  • Great alternative to other designs. I will get some feedback from our team and get back to you. Thanks! #8
  • Dear CH,
    Please check my design
    Thanks #9
    • @Ivardipra I need it to look a little more like the original I uploaded and to include more characters.

  • You missed a couple of things from last comment. Can you please remove the cape from the two doctors you added. Also, any way to have the male doctor on bottom left checking a patient with stethoscope? After those two items, I think we are good for review. #7
  • This is a nice entry. Can you use the original "Schoolhouse Rock" font (similar to what amrendra used)? Also, the two physicians I uploaded pics of -- can you use them in more traditional attire so people know who they are? Thanks! #3
    • About #3, @nfalco hello man.
      the font in amrendra design is hand drawn,traced from original picture i think,
      but i try to make with this standard font for you..thank you..hope you like it

  • updated..thank you #8
  • Hi Nfaloc, let me know if this design is as par your guidelines or you want any other addition or correction. Thanks #4
    • This is very good. I like the two characters you added based on my photos. Just a couple of things and I will have something for leadership to review. 1. Can you replace the character on the top right (on the last "C") with a more modern female doctor (no cape) and replace the character on bottom left with wheelchair with perhaps a more modern male doctor examining a patient with stethoscope? I uploaded an example for you (white lab coats and stethoscope). 2. Please remove the cape from the lady physician on bottom right, . 3. Please use the blue backgroun you had on design will look better for review. Thank you! That should cover everything.

  • in low res..super doctor, #3
  • Our Board of Directors would like to see a version without the ACOEM logo so that the design and the characters can be larger. Also, I uploaded photos of two doctors from long ago who were very important figures to our field of medicine. Is there any way to create "characters" out of them to add to the design? Thanks you! #2
  • Awesome start! Can you make the ACOEM logo a bit more subtle, perhaps by making it smaller and placing it at bottom of design (under the word ROCK and between the characters. Thanks! #1