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Winning design #36 by wara, T-shirt Design for Aminoheal Contest
Gold Medal

designed by wara

Project description - We need a professional looking t-shirt to help promote our new dietary supplement Aminoheal - a combination of branched-chain amino acids that helps recovery after surgery and illness. You can review the new website for the for a full description of the product. Possible graphical elements could be the background graphics used on the website with the DNA-like shapes and/or also the Amino Molecule chain shapes like what are on the bottle artwork. (Scientific accuracy of chains or molecules is not as important - mainly the idea or theme).  Product name should appear AMINOHEAL (with the TM). the url should appear if possible. Possible tagline or phrase could be "The Key to Health" (bold Heal in the word Health) along with a skeleton key image (maybe). We are open to other ideas. We are open to one sided or two-sided design.T-shirts could be white depending on the design. Multiple colors 

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  • Hello see my design and give me your feedback. Thanks #30
  • Hello please see the design and give me your feedback. Thanks #29
  • The layout is good. The DNA strand becomming the A is interesting but I think maybe a little too much. Maybe if the DNA strand comes right to the top of the A, but the A would be a regular font character. #7
    • About #7, @aminoheal thank you for your commet i will upload some new designs 

  • evision of previous #23
  • I tried to follow your advice , if there is a shortage please let me know.

    thankyou . #21
  • hi @aminoheal here it is, so sorry if i misinterpreted what you have requested, just let me know if this design need some more modification, thanks #20
  • This is great. I think the owners would like to see a lighter version of this design - possible dark on light? #8
    • About #8, @aminoheal hi thanks... i'll submit what you have requested.

  • Hello please see the design and let me know your feedback. Thanks #19
  • Hello please see the design and let me know your feedback. Thanks #18
  • I like the design of the circle in the middle but I wonder if the circle should contain a Amino Chanin instead of the dna looking strands. I view the AminoChain (The circles with connecting rods as the focus and the dna as bacground. #12
    • About #12, @aminoheal Okay, i'll try.. Thank you for your feedback.. 

  • Another One With a different style #4
  • With a white shirt #3
  • with bleu shirt #2
  • Hello let me know your feedback ^^ #1