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The contest went very well. The biggest problem was choosing from all the great designs!

$250 paid

108 custom designs

22pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #105 by yopanda, T-shirt Design for Aspen Flying Club Contest
Gold Medal

designed by yopanda

Project description

We want a cool t-shirt that anyone who flies airplanes would want to wear. The design should convey a sense of travel and adventure. Visit our website ( to see what we're all about.

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  • Could you please provide us with your logo? Thanks. :)
  • #1 : for my first design i used a photo of your website. made i look like it hand drawn so will look like its stigged on.. curious to hear i this is the right direcion for you/ greetings designKB
  • @aspen flying club: wich colors do you like : and in terms of printing coasts : how many? and : you want a slogan on the shirt : wich one?
  • #23 and # 24 used : Kelly AirPark Pancake Breakfast 2011 one of the planes.. so a lot to choises now..!
  • #14 : althought you rated with 72 points i understand this is favorit? I made changes : new result = # 22 1. changed font 2. moved airport in middle + decided to remove the scratsy look and go for more clear and deeper color.. i think its pretty nice this way! what about you? greetings designKB
  • Feedback to all... the winning design almost certainly has to have an airplane in it. That airplane should be a small single engine airplane like we fly. (Think Cessna... not Boeing).
  • This design is now our front runner. A couple things: 1) Can you move the airplane up so it's more centered in the circle? 2) The font you used for "Centennial Airport..." is a little difficult to read. Can you try something else. You asked earlier about the logo. There is no need to incorporate that in the design.
  • @contestholder : had some technical problems on the website before: just now reading your comments : will use them! what about that logo: you want it somewhere: on the front ..on the back..should it be in the design or?
  • @contestholder, abouty #12 : oke! what about the text : you like it to be bending..or? or just leave it all like #1 ? thanks for high rating! greetings designKB
  • i like it better without the wings
  • DESIGNKB... We don't have a preference on color. Just create something that looks good. Costs: These will be high quality/higher cost t-shirts. So we can use as many colors as necessary. I suspect we'll initially print 50 to 100 t-shirts. As for slogan: We don't necessarily need one, but if you come up with an idea... we're open to suggestions.
  • Hi DESIGNKB, You are on the right track with the airplane design. A photo of one of our airplanes that has been made to look hand drawn is perfect. I'd like to see the location of our flying club incorporated into the design. "Centennial Airport, Denver, Colorado".
  • I just posted our company logo in gif and eps format under the contest "Brief"
  • #55 AND #52 having some upload problems..will contact site again bigger version available...
  • #44 : Did my best to get closer to your taste... what about this??? can still play with the colors..just name it! greetings designKB
  • i just rememered : its'beter to wait..:-) and start designing at the end
  • Hi CH, please check out design #31 tell me what you think about it =)
  • thanks for feedback and comments ... I created a few designs that have been simplified, there may be some you like, would I improve the design if necessary. Thank you. regards,
  • Hello, First off I would like to say sorry about my first submission I accidentaly uploaded my sketch fort the design and second tell you a bit about what I was shooting to illustrate for you. I wanted to give you a semi-classic/ modern (cartoony) feel while giving is some pop with a bit different take on the normal art. I could add or take away anything you would like. I thank you for the time and opportunity. Be Blessed, Jerehme
  • I looked at some of the other t-shirt contests on this site. I really liked all the designs in this one: If someone could do for airplanes what this contest did for horses... that'd be great! I like the cartoon-like style. The colors. Really everything.