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Winning design #8 by vikifil, T-shirt Design for Augusta Nielsen Fitness  Contest
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designed by vikifil

Project description

I want a shirt designed for my wifes company Augusta Nielsen Fitness. On the front of the shirt i want her logo small over the chest(i'm not stuck on her logo if you want to change it). On the back i want a design over the whole back. I don't have too many ideas for the back I want it to be pretty loud and it can have words, sayings or anything. I'm open to about any design that incorporates a fitness feel. I do like designs that kind of fade into the fabric. any questions please ask, thanks! 

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  • As you asked, i changed the color, but since the color was taken from the logo, i recolored it too, and taking comparison with the previous one. Feel free to choose whatever version or combination you want. #60
  • About #30, @Elong26 can you change the pink to a dark red?
  • creative designs #49
  • Different design
    Different logo
    But if you want then i can do any changes... #48
  • Your feedback is my inspection...
    - any changes in logo or back design ? #45
  • If you want then I can make the design for both man and woman.. #46
  • Hi, I make something new and different, with my skills.
    Let me know if any changes are needed.. #45
  • this shirt design I add barbells on the logo and back because barbells are identical to the gym, for the sentence behind the shirt aims so that when people read impressed fitness it has great benefits, and also I choose a font like that to make it look hard, thank you #37
  • The designs are ready for any modification
    Warm greetings #33
  • Designs are ready for any modification
    greetings to you all #29
  • new...entry----using "SHUT UP AND TRAIN" very nice font and style...thanks #27
  • VERSION 3 #26
  • this version i removed the Barbell on the Back design....and just making the back in all White...same for the men's..., please let me know...for any changes...thanks #21
  • VERSION1 for women with PINK ...the men's version is in RED...please check all my entries #19
  • @nielsen202
    Hello Sir,
    please check entries #17 and #18
    If you like my design feel free to ask for any changes ,if needed.
    Thank you
  • Hope you not eliminated any design without any comment. #13
  • Redesigned with the red instead of the pink and the new font on the back. Please feel free to again suggest changes :) #11
  • front using original logo,back is the main design, hope you like sir #10
  • can we replace the pink with a dark red and change the font on the back? I attached another file under the brief tab to show a style of font that i would like to try, thanks! #7