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Winning design #28 by Vados, T-shirt Design for Axellio HyperFabric  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Vados

Project description

T-shirt design with a tease message hinting the upcoming release of an exciting new computing product from X-IO Technologies.  The product will be for "Edge Computing"  is will be really really fast for thinks like real time machine intelligence and cyber security.  The product name is Axellio FabricXpress Architecture Systems.  FabricXpress is our trademark for the secret sauce that makes this really fast.  Axellio FabricXpress systems will be used for super fast processing of data at the edge of the cloud.  

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  • About #19, @Vados I would want the company name, X-IO Technologies, to appear somewhere in the design. Maybe that could replace "Architecture Systems" appearing in this version
    • About #20, @billm1 About #19, @billm1
      Changes applied! Very good design, I would like to have this T-shirt :)
      If you need to do anything else let me know.
      Thank you!
      Sincerely Vados

    • @Vados Liking this design. I posted a few more comments. Thanks

  • It might be better to put Axellio FabricXpress here and put the X-IO Technologies logo where you currently have Axellio. If writing FabricXpress in all caps, then the X should be larger and use the X-IO stylized X. You can see the stylized X on #20
  • The alternating colors on sides and shoulders look too busy. Might be better to go with a single color. #20
  • For FabricXpress, could you use the stylized "X" as it appears in the X-IO logo? See the X-IO website for the logo. #20
  • Could you use the X-IO Technologies logo here? #20
  • About #19, @Vados I like this design. Please change the color scheme to match X-IO colors. Look at Also, looks like we are running into a problem using HyperFabric. Please use FabricXpress instead. I like Winning Edge Computing, but would leave off Architecture Systems.
  • We ran into some issues with being able to use "HyperFabric", so are switching to "FabricXpress" We would want to place a trademark symblom (superscript TM) on the end of FabricXpress
  • Hi
    I am interested in participating in this project.
    This is my concept for this entry.
    All is created in vector and original by me.
    Please let me know if you want to change colors or style.

    Kevin #4
  • hi, I hope this tee shirt will meet your demand. #3
  • Definitely want there to be some take-off on "the edge." Maybe "winning the edge"