Bail Bonds Company needs New T-Shirt Design

very cool idea, i had many great designs. thank you.

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Winning design #57 by rifki, T-shirt Design for Bail Bonds Company needs New T-Shirt Design Contest
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designed by rifki

Project description

We Would like a Long Sleeve T-Shirt Design. We really don't know exactly what we would like so be creative! We Would like to have our phone number (1-800-732-2593) and Company name on the T-shirt.

We do not want something simple. We are looking for a creative design.

Besides that It is up to you! Our logo is included but optional to use on t shirt design.

p.s. Just some possible things to incorporate on design. Bars, Keys, Tropical, Jail, Handcuffs, Freedom, etc.

open to any colors, as long as it looks good.

Thank You

our company information is

Monroe County Bail Bonds
103301 Overseas Highway
Key Largo, FL 33037

our website is

We live in the Florida Keys, We would like a shirt that reflects the Florida Keys and somehow incorporating bail into it. not neccessarily our logo.

Fish, bars, prisoners, palm trees, troical but some how include jail

for example a shark catching a fugitive, a cop chasing a guy with lobsters sticking out of his pants, maybe Key West architcture, or duval street. We are looking for a little more than just a logo and writing.

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  • Would you be open to seeing the shirt with a font that matches the logo? The font is quite different than stencil or octin prison. I have one made and I like the look it gives the shirt.
  • I like 2 myself to be honest. I think it has good visual appeal and alot has to do with color. I may be able to touch on it but at the same time do not want it to be to busy. As far as the images i am submitting i like to keep things simple. Less clutter, less mess and things can always be touched up. Also, with my last entry i would have to work on colors but wanted to submit just to get the juices flowing. I like this last design personally. I guess i am looking at from an outside view though. If you want any changes let me know.
  • I like #2 the best so far. Its looks good. Now just going to wait and see what else is submitted.
  • like it just a little simple
  • CH, with #4 i could probably get away with adding in your logo in the background. Ignore this comment.....Did not look right.
  • #3 i think much more fun. Let me know if you want any adjustments.
  • Ok, let me see what i can do. I was thinking jail bars too lol....
  • I like it just a little too simple.
  • I'm totally open to something with cuffs ImagedFx. Or Jail Bars, Jail Key, Freedom, Fishing, or anything else associated with Bail Bonds, Criminal Justice System, or Florida Keys.
  • Maybe add that to the sleeve print. It may be a nice little touch. From experience the less busy the better. For me it is all about getting out the right message. If it is the company name then why not promote your logo. On the other hand if you want something a bit more fun then maybe handcuffs could be an alternative.
  • Here you go. I personally think your image looks very nice. You could do something with cuffs or something. Not sure how you feel about that.
  • looks a little too simple for what we are going for.
  • Can you try it with Stencil Font
  • Imagefx, no we do not need to limit the colors. Either way is fine! Thank You!
  • 1. I thought it would be nice because i have seen it on other shirts, but no it is not a absolute must. If there is a design that looks good without it we would happily take it. 2. It really does not matter at all if the logo is there or not. It could be something that has absolutely nothing to do with logo. We are are totally open to any nice that is visually appealing. 3. We were looking at different possibilities for the shirt color. The top two colors we would like for the shirts would be Black and White.
  • Just a couple of questions for you. 1. Is having the wording on both arms a must? Reason i ask is this may not work well as you will have to have the perfect font to make that work. 2. Do you want an image more reflected towards your logo or something else? 3. Do you want to limit the number of colors and is there a shirt color that you have in mind? Please let me/us know.
  • Yes can I see a version with vacation and probation on the sleeves #19
  • can i see this in octin stencil font
  • can i see #13 with the just the logo small in the front pocket area and the back and sleeves the same.
  • Can i see number 13 with the Just the small logo in the front picket area. and the back the same