Ball Hog

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Winning design #18 by GJR, T-shirt Design for Ball Hog Contest
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designed by GJR

Project description

T-Shirt logo for left chest. "Ball Hog" with a soccer ball incorporated possibly. This shirt is a reward for meeting goals and should have an "accomplished / cocky" feel.

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  • Hi, I wanted to know whether to include a football or basketball ?
    • Hi akashstephen, he says soccer ball which is american for football : )

    • Thanks! When I searched google for Ball Hog (because I don't know what it is) It came up with results relating to Basketball. This confused me... Still In doubt.

    • To add a few more details.. This shirt will be awarded to my soccer players (High School) if they meet certain achievements related to individual ball control and techniques. "Ball Hog" is typically a negative term, but i am using it to increase their confidence handling the ball. A soccer ball is not absolutely required to be part of the logo, but can be. i want it to be not too cartoonish that they won't covet the shirt. It should send a message of confidence, maybe even cocky.. Team colors are Royal Blue and White. None of the first three entries quite deliver the message, hence the addition context to what i need accomplished. Good Luck!

  • Hello. Do you have some examples of styles you like? Should there be texts?
  • hi there! just put in two ideas..let me know please what you think about them.. colors etc
  • #13 is the leader at this point. A cleat with the phrase ball hog somehow incorporated might work too.
    • thanks, glad you like it feel free to ask me for any changes you want :)

  • So far this is the leading design.
  • Not sure what the character is?
    • sorry, its side view of a wild hog with the ball on his nose... will make it a bit more obvious and make the other ones a little more aggressive and the right colours! Thanks for your feedback : )

  • Don't like the word certified, or the stars
  • too childish - not aggressive enough.
  • New favorite design! This contest will close as previously scheduled (17 hours). Newest design will work if no better designs are submitted.