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Winning design #26 by mglc22, T-shirt Design for BAND MERCH SHIRT & ZIP UP Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mglc22

Project description is the band's website, where you can hear samples of their songs and gain ideas and inspiration from their style of music. They are looking for : a) T-shirt & Zip-up unisex designs for screen printing b) Vector arts & Jpegs in ONE color, Jpeg format, 300dpi, File & Print ready c) The band takes a lot of pride in their lyricism, so feel free to incorporate their lyrics or definitions, explanations, and quotes of a "Paradigm" or a "Paradigm Shift". d) April is sweet & kind in nature, and all around great person, and vibe should somehow be reflected in the artwork (but not necessarily a picture of her) e) Reflect the Alternative Pop style of music similar to the Veronicas, No Doubt, and Pink! f) Open to center designs and offset designs. g) Incorporate name of the band. h) LYRICSSS: KINGDOM COME: The minute I turn on the TV Tis' outrageous what I see Pity me pity thee Pity all in between Behold epitome of stupidity T'where has society gone? I tell thee it has gone all wrong! 'Tis Chaos oh Kingdom Come 'Tis Chaos oh Kingdom Come This world is upside down 'Tis the problem. SINCERELY: Get up off the floor you're faking Shut the door after you leave I don't wanna hear the story It's blown up I can't believe Get up off the floor it's making everyone here roll up their sleeves this is not the time for stories you're not getting sympathy Sincerely...NO pity. REVELATION: If only you told me how much you burned for me The walls that divide us would only keep falling Feelings repressed I've regressed I'm depressed In my dreams your name's the one I've solely been calling Now I can't find the air to breathe Because your kiss is overwhelming me I spend every night the same Coz in my dreams I still call your name I must share this as it shows The way you turn me around so you will know This Revelation SPRINGTIME ROMANTICO: Hold me and take my breath away Who needs the world and the beauty around When I only need you to take me away Just hold me Just want me Just kiss me Just love me.... MY WORLD: Breaking down the barriers And incase you haven't heard Imma' do this all night coz this is My World! ALL WE NEED: Right here and now you see is right where we're supposed to be livin' it up with a life that's free with the ones who mean the world to me I don't know where I'd be If i didn't have you right next to me these melodies, and memories these moments are All We Need HERE I AM: YOU MAY HAVE THOUGHT THAT YOU HAD A CHANCE I WON THE BATTLE THAT YOU BEGAN YOUR POISON DIDN'T GO ACCORDING TO PLAN BECAUSE... WELL HERE I STAND! YOU THOUGHT I COULDN'T GET THIS FAR WELL HERE I AM AND THERE YOU ARE THOUGHT I WOULD LOSE RIGHT FROM THE START I WON THE RACE YOU'RE AT YOUR MARK FOUGHT HARD ENOUGH THROUGH THE LAST ROUND THOUGHT YOU COULD PUSH ME DOWN SO HARD YOU'RE LOOKING UP I'M LOOKING DOWN COZ HERE I AM AND THERE YOU ARE!

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  • Hi Ch :) Could you post some reference photos or any similar references to that of your liking? Please and thank youuu.
    • Hey! Thanks for getting in touch with me. Let me find some references really quick. Can't wait to see what you come up with =)

    • I went ahead and posted a few up. I am giving you absolute creative freedom do create whatever you think works best. Whatever you think represents us best based on our music, our lyrics, our style. I loved the simplicity of the Avril Lavigne shirt and how her lyrics came across so well, and I love how the compilation of words created a silhouette of a cup, and I love the artistry of the other two designs. Very simple, just black and white, but the design is eye catching.

    • please let me know if you have more questions. thank you and good luck!!!

    • OH! and one. more. thing. I love BANKSY'S work.

    • Hi Jepsamiley! Thank you for your submission great work. I've posted more lyrics under brief and a favorite quote of mine under "paradigm shift" file

  • that's awesome, could you lock the image and rotate whole so that the April & The Paradigm is vertical, looks great. rotate to the wearers right
    • okay i will , and chekc my new design i think you will like it

    • Thank you, I do like it, could be filled in more, not crazy for the heart, I like the background and font you chose. good work.

  • Can we also incorporate the website in the designs? somewhere small lol Love what you're doing liz.
  • sorry not that crazy about bikes, love the text though =)
  • Thanks for your feedback, here are the changes #8 and #9. Plus another entry using a paradigm #7. Please let me know if would like to try anything else. Cheers, Liz
  • Could you please change the size font in a way that the words dont separate in mid-word? each line doesn't have to be the same size as another, whichever works to make that same effect but with the words not separated. Thank you! Good luck!
    • no problem, thanks for your feedback. I will make all those changes for you. Cheers, Liz

  • love it. I uploaded additional lyrics, could you swap a few of those lines out for a line from each song? please and thank you!
  • hello CH we need some lyrics to put ! theres just some line the website
    • Lyrics are posted on the brief :) I also added my favorite quote, it's under file name "paradigm shift". Check it out. and great work

  • can you tell us the colors you prefer or specific graphic elements?
    • White please, it will be on a black shirt.

    • I also posted a few photos up to reference to. Three completely different types that you can choose from, based on what you feel you could work best with and elaborate on. A) Avril Lavigne's design: loved how the lyrics were emphasized. B) Cup Silhouette: I love how the many words created an image for the cafe. C) the tape & the clocks: just black and white, but the graphic design was very comic book themed. I hope this helps, thank you and good luck!

    • OH! and one. more. thing. I love BANKSY'S work.

  • Hi CH, Send 2 projects with lyrics that was on the front page of your site. I can replace it with any of those you've added to the brief. Greetings
  • You all are making this really tough for us =/
  • Hi Opheliact! I love how good you made me look in that photo, but if you could provide more dimension and depth (possibly round out the design so that it's not so rectangular) and possibly unify the themes of the font, something bolder, stronger. I also enjoyed your interpretation of my lyrics, I like that first line, maybe we can modify the second one a little more ;) possible work in "HERE I AM" in there? thank you for your time and submission.
  • hi! sorry your username is similar to another contestant haha. could you display the lyrics in another way, like take out the comic bubbles and change the lyric font to white? :)
  • Hey April it's Liza :) Not sure if my designs so far are what you're looking for :( But if there are any changes I can make, please let me know.
    • although I am only limited to 3 designs :/ perhaps i can make another account if needed.

    • lizonil?

    • Sorry it's Meliza! Hahah. And for some stupid reason this isn't letting me type less than 50 characters so I needed to add this sentence.

  • Hey CH, what do you think about #13 with the lyrics combo?
  • too simplistic, and its April & The Paradigm. no E
  • WOW awesome Idea, could you make it black OR white and condenser mic shape? we dont have any violins or fiddles =) Thank you!
    • Yes, of course i can, and i will. Wait for my entry. Thank you.

    • #28 is ready for you. Check it out and tell me what you think. * Another entry is getting ready to be uploaded soon.

  • Hallo, i just upladed some entries #22 #23 #24. Please check them out* and tell me what you think and if you want any changes. (* view in full resolution to see the details) Thank you.
    • Loving your designs here, kospav! :) Especially #24 :) :)

    • "Loving your designs here, kospav! :) Especially #24 :) :)" Thank you so much.

  • Great Work Everyone! This is very difficult to all are very talented. Well, we have 16 hours remaining! make any final adjustments to your designs and from my favorite movie, "May the odds be ever in your favor" ;) but in a very good way. Thanks for all your submissions- GOOOOOOD LUCKKKK!
  • Cool design! actually looks like me! lol is there a way to keep the silhouette, but still have the words inside too maybe in a different color? thank you =) nice work!