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Source file looks great--I consider this one wrapped up! Overall, I got lots of good design options to choose from. Thanks for your service, DesignContest!

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Winning design #114 by Hatemachine, T-shirt Design for Banjo Players Worldwide Will Wear Your T-Shirt Design! Contest
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designed by Hatemachine

Project description

Each year, we design a new shirt which is sent to members of the "Banjo Hangout Players Union." Players Union members pay a small fee for an annual membership, and in return get the exclusive shirt, discounts at popular banjo stores, ads turned off on the site, and a few more benefits.

We've been doing this since 2007, and members look forward to the new shirt each year. We anticipate approximately 1,000 shirts being sent to members worldwide this year.

Here are some design constraints you MUST follow:
- design is just for the front of the shirt
- design must use no more than 3 colors (to keep my printing costs down)
- design must include the year on it (2012) as well as the text "Players Union"
- design must include the Banjo Hangout logo (download it using the links below), or at least the words "Banjo Hangout"
- max design size on the shirt is 12.5"w x 17"h

And here are some design ideas you can OPTIONALLY use (just to get your ideas going!):
- having a banjo-specific image on the shirt (not just some text) is a big plus. Hard to find good banjo artwork out there, though! If you use an image of a banjo, make sure it's a 5-string banjo, and not a 4-string. The 5-string has a 5th string tuner halfway up the neck like this: 39d7
- it's our 5-year anniversary, so maybe working that into it would be cool. Plus, most banjos have 5 strings! Hmmm...
- Visit to see the last 3 year's shirt designs.
- Members are mostly male--probably 90% of the shirts sold are to males. So girly designs are out.
- I also run Hangouts for Fiddle, Dobro, Guitar, and Mandolin... and will be having shirts made for those as well. If you come up with a design that can work for multiple instruments (like this year's design, were we just swapped out the instrument graphic) that's not a bad thing. But I'm also not stuck on having a similar design for all the sites.

Since this is an annual thing, I'll be needing another shirt for next year. If I get more than one design I really like, I would be happy to pay for the rights to the second design, and use it next year.

I look forward to your submissions!

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  • Hi, As you suggested I hope #20 is an improvement to your liking thanks
  • it's not allowed to use clipart in your designs.. the design you've submitted can be found at:
  • Hello Contest Holder I try with some happy colors, here is banjo too, with player union, no used than 3 color hope you like idea! #15 Thank you! Nemanja
  • Greetings Contest Holder, I have submited my entry for your contest ( #10 ). I have implemented the things you have requested: banjo, Players Union, year 2012, the 5 years anniversary and all the other 4 instruments you've asked for and even the website address. Hope you like my idea. Awaiting on feedback. Thankyou, Hoffa.
  • Images of sheet music don't apply much to banjo players--they play with tablature if anything.
  • I didn't notice the strings, sorry about that! No real color preferences--I'll probably decide on colors once the design is finalized. I'll probably try to use a different shirt color than I have in years past, but I'm not sure what that will be. I'm judging the designs not based on colors, but on the layout and look of the elements. I've been doing design, and working with designers long enough to be able to evaluate stuff without worrying about exact colors in early stages.
  • well it's not exactly a duplicate because in #5 i made a mistake with the strings , i forgot to scale them and they don't look so good , so #6 is the good one. do you have any color preferences ?
  • A potentially cool idea for another shirt, but it needs to have the "Players Union", the year, etc in it as well.
  • Duplicate of previous entry?
  • Again--4-string banjos are out. Use a 5-string, please! The design needs more than just a banjo with text over it, though.
  • Duplicate of previous entry?
  • My favorite one yet. Is this an original illustration? The "Players Union" font seems out of place... but having unique artwork that looks decent is definitely a plus. And finally--a 5-string banjo! Thanks!
  • The elements (the background behind the logo, and the scroll at the bottom) don't work well together... but a revision may improve it!
  • Don't use 4-string banjos in the design, please. Also, don't modify the Banjo Hangout logo! Thanks!
  • If you do use a banjo in the graphic, make sure it's not a 4-string banjo like this one. Probably 98% of banjo players play a 5-string banjo nowadays. The 5-string has a 5th string tuner halfway up the neck--like this:
  • Also, one other thought--the "players union" has the idea of a community of people who are pitching in to help support the Banjo Hangout, and the banjo as well. So some sort of "community" feel in the shirt wouldn't be a bad thing--but that's just an idea, and not a requirement.
  • Hi amatek, I think your design rocks! Really good. Good luck. lizonil
  • hi CH, regarding #59 i have filled the whites as preferred.also i changed the 'players union font'(since it is comparatively smaller in the design i used a simple font)bye
  • Kinda cool! Needs to say "Players" though, not Player. And the background part may need to be a solid color, to work on screen printing.