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Winning design #21 by dan.bodurtha, T-shirt Design for Be encouraged Contest
Gold Medal

designed by dan.bodurtha

Project description

Christian Mother’s Day T-shirt. Mom in a bold print vertically on the right  side of the shirt. The words wise, nurturing, faithful, dilligent, blessed, prayerful, strong, and compassionate scattered to the side of the word mom.

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  • Dear contest holder,
    Here are my two concepts #53 and #54. One in Black and One in white. Hand drawn, colorful, joyous and Print Ready! Hope this is what you are looking for.
    Everything is editable including the colors. So, let me know if you need to see changes/improvements.
    I am at your disposal!

    Thank you and hope you are having a wonderful day!

    (Some stock elements were used considering this tshirt is "Not For Resale" purpose. Stock elements are properly licenced and you dont have to buy them)
  • this is my design i try to fulfill your demand that you want.......
    If you want to change anything please inform me #50
  • This is my entry, I hope it's not too complicated. The both designs. Can be used for the front T-shirt #48
  • This is my entry, I hope it's not too complicated. The both designs. Can be used for the front T-shirt #47
  • abstract ornament typography #43
  • i hope u love this one :) #42
  • Different grey tones for each of the words, I'm more then happy to make any revisions to the design for you. #36
  • Hi ! CH, Here is entry for you. Please check out this and hopeful for your feedback. The feedback will give me idea to do better work. If any kind of change needed, please let me know and I'll give you unlimited revision for this and provide you quality work according to your requirements.Thank you #28
  • Perfect! This is my first time doing this. I am having a transfer made and I want the wording in white does your work have to be in white also? Does your design have to be done in the color I want on the shirt? #21
    • @damitajo305 Thanks! The design/lettering does not need to be in white when you bring it to the one making the transfers. They will usually have a program on their end that they read the design file into and then they would load the correct color for printing. Just let them know the color you want. If, for whatever reason, they need a white design it is a very simple change on my end. I can send you a black and a white version of the file, if you decide to go with this design.

  • @damitajo305 hi..CH it looks you have already chosen a winner? i hope you can still wait more time and give a chance to new entries..., i can submit a great design...thanks
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    I would like to know if this t-shirt is going to be resold?

    Thank you
  • Hi, I have designed as per Your guideline, if any alteration you want in it Please free to Comment on it #23
  • I love the changes! I love the way the word mom looks but the word looks more like wow. Love the font and the boldness of the word. Could it just look more like mom? #8
    • Thanks @damitajo305! I will tweak the font to make it look more like mom.

    • @damitajo305 I submitted design #21, which I tweaked to look more like the word mom.

  • i hope u like it :) #20
  • Spiral text, colors can follow #14
  • Spiral text, colors can follow #13
  • no border #12
  • any revision coment #11
  • Could mom be placed on the left side? Love the font. Is it possible to rotate mom 180 degrees counterclockwise? I would like the words to fan out from mom. Maybe have the words in different directions #1
    • @damitajo305 I have uploaded designs #7 and #8, which include "Mom" on the left side and rotated. One design has lowercase letters for "Mom" and the other has uppercase. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!