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We are a new company that will selling wild crazy fun festival stuff like onesies, costumes, 80s and 90s wear, basically we want provide our wild threads and accessories to stand out and have a good time! We want our t-shirts to play on festival comedy. If you have not been to a camping festival you probably won't be the right fit for this project. I have some ideas for the t-shirts but id really like to see your ideas!

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  • This is abandoned contest designer vote win please go to and reply with entry number you think should win prize
  • #59 #60 I specialize in textile design ... Hope you like it
  • Thanks for watching) #50
  • @bopennington , hope you like it . A more fun, creative, colorful , playful , eye catching design .
  • Its cool but its busy, I wish there was some focus point or mascot to it, or something that pulls your attention. I like your creativity but its just not hitting a funny bone.
    • About #26, @bopennington thank you for your feedback..i'll try something more eyecatching.

  • All designers...READ the brief! this company is selling the shirts/designs so this mean NO CLIPART. Any clipart on designs after the date of this message will be removed with infractions
  • Best Festie #31
  • if u get it .. u get it. if not, u hv nvr been enough... lol #29
  • And the bear is wearing head phones maybe #27
  • Would be cool if the bear was starring at us with sunglasses on and behind him was a stage and crowd with flag pole with the sun and same font best bestie above #27
  • Can you clean this up and put in color or maybe put a person in a bear costume or unicorn costume passed out on the ground by a guitar or something? #10
  • I like the font, but can you make it funny some how, not sure...
  • You are close but its missing something I dunno. #26
  • Dear @bopennington . Here are my designs #25 #26. Please check them, I'd like to receive your feedback. Thank you, Anna
  • hi #16
  • About #10, This is going in the right in the right direction....The more crazy dirty and wild the better. Obviously you have been to a camping festival :)
  • kindly check my design. thank you so much #12
  • Hi
    what about #11 ? am i getting closer or not ?
    thank U
  • Its better than most of the other designs because you are at least attempting to design it with humor in mind, however, its really not festival related humor. Please try again. #9
  • can you tell me your feedback about design #9 , please ?