Big Alaska Daddy

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Winning design #43 by winz, T-shirt Design for Big Alaska Daddy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by winz

Project description

I am wanting a design for the back of a t-shirt that will have the attached logo on the front pocket area.  The idea I have is an outline of the state of Alaska.  Over that will be two crossed fishing rods, one a fly-fishing rod and the other a casting rod.  In addition, the words "Big Alaska Daddy Spring Training" need to be included in the design, possibly with the first three words on the top and the last two below.  I would like no more than 3 colors for the design to keep future printing costs down.  The outline of Alaska and the general design may serve as the basis for other designs that I want to have made later.

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  • Sorry for the lack of comments the last few days. I have been travelling away from home.
  • rate this #42
  • use your original idea !, please CH be fair take a look at this submission, there are similarity at this design
  • I can't see the fishing rods much so that takes a big part of the design away. #27
  • The general idea for this design is similar to the drawing attached of the crossed baseball bats with Spring Training over them. Instead of baseball bats, I thought it would tie into Alaska better with crossed fishing rods, which is why the rods are a very important part of the overall design.
  • I like 26 and 27 but the fishing rods need to be a bigger part of the design. They tie into Spring Training #26
    • About #26, @bigalaskadaddy Thanks for rating. I would try to change the design

  • I like this except for the font used for Big. #29
  • Maybe a little smaller on the font for Big Alaska Daddy and a bit bigger on the Spring Training. #28
  • This contest has been extended to allow me more time to review the submissions received so far. I would like to thank all of the designers who have already submitted designs. I am a bit busy with other things and I wanted to have enough time to fully review all the submissions.

  • hello contest holder please extend 1 day
  • For some reason I am not able to delete this, so just don't count this one.
  • new font for daddy #16
  • I like this one except for the font used for Daddy. #13
  • here i make the fishing rod more visible, feedbck please #13
  • I like the design but the fishing rods need to be more obvious because that ties into the Spring Training part of the words. #12
  • Big alaska daddy #12
  • I like the overall design. The reels should be under the rods and the words need to be closer in size