Black Lives Matter 1



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Winning design #11 by 7AW, T-shirt Design for Black Lives Matter 1 Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 7AW

Project description

Attached is the approximate template I have in mind.

Omit the name"Martin Luther King Jr."
Omit the American Flag

Place images of Malcolm X, and Nelson Mendela to the left and right, forming a triangle with King.

And the last names "X", "Mendela", and "King" underneath the apppropriate picture.

Leave both hashtags on the top and bottom approximately how they are. 

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  • You are missing an "S". It should be BLACKLIVESMATTER. I can edit this myself in the source file however #11
  • Front and Back designs of my previous entry #10
  • The left and right sleeves say #BlackLivesMatter and #StillDreaming respectively. (Those are optional)
    The web of black triangles symbolizes the black community and the white spaces symbolize the other races supporting them. The fallen triangles and the falling triangles symbolize the dead or the missing. I will upload the front and back designs separately. Hope you like it :-) #9
  • Tried to experiment a little. Hope you like it! #5
  • Hope you like it. All suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Best regards. #4
  • Hope you like this , any edit or change ask for it , thx . #2
  • Hello! Can i ask you: You will print it by printer or by serigraphy?
  • Mendela is smiling while King and X have a serious look on their face?

    That doesn't give a clear message. Mendela should have a more serious look to him.

    The names below the pictures look cluttered next to the hastag. #1
  • Great idea, but i need the t shirt file you provided, its not entirely possible to edit that picutre you provided. I can start a new one, but i would rather this contest be Guaranteed, since its a busy project if done
    • @twindzn

      I see. Unfortunately I do not have the tshirt file only the image of the t shirt.

      Ah, I just saw the "guaranteed" field. Okay changed the payment to guaranteed.