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My design process started off slow and I was concerned with how it would end. After giving feedback and samples of designs I liked, some designers stepped up and actually gave me really great options to choose from. Very happy with my overall experience and would recommend Design Contest.

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Winning design #47 by erwinubaldo87, T-shirt Design for Blu Cabinets Contest
Gold Medal

designed by erwinubaldo87

Project description

I would like to create a unique t-shirt design.  I have attached some additional files with design elements and fonts that I like. 

I would like to see a design that goes beyond adding the attached logo to a blank T-shirt. 

The t-shirts will have a pocket on the front and I want the front of the shirt to have a small design on the pocket and the back of the shirt to incorporate the some version of the logo and term "blu crew" into the design as this is what we call our install team.  Feel free to change the font.  I would also like to have the city and phone number on the shirt:
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Thank you!

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  • is the revision----to what you asked..., thanks #47
  • Please move Blu Crew to the top of the circle where the phone number is. Move Santa Rosa Beach, FL beneath Blu Cabinets where Blu Crew is. Move the Phone Number 850-585-9500 to the bottom of the circle where Santa Rosa Beach is now. Thank you! #40
  • Has a bit of vintage / retro, design on pocket front, back, right sleeve and back of collar. #46
  • Do you want to see more designs or decision already made ?
  • Sir, I hope you like it #42
  • revision---1color backprint on dark grey shirt #41
  • revision---on dark grey shirt #40
  • revision--1color backprint on royal blue shirt #39
  • revision---on royal blue shirt #38
  • Change the est. 2004 to est. 2005 #34
  • Remove phone # & city from under front pocket logo and add "Blu Crew" in that location Also, I want the line above the U in Blu if possible everywhere it is used. #34
  • I have created the design with adobe illustrator and I have use the background only for presentations. #35
  • here is a much closer look to the front pocket design...,and also changing BLU CREW text to white color on the back... i know this is not the way you want in your sketch...but this is something modern and you can wear anywhere not only in work.... thanks #34
    • @erwinubaldo87 This is more in line with what I was hoping for. I like this much better than what I came up with and is the direction I want to go in. I review over the weekend with my wife and will let you know if we want any revisions. Thank you for being more creative and presenting a great design.

    • @rushing_brian thanks

  • 1 color print for the back----on a royal blue shirt #32
  • on a royal blue shirt---- #31
  • 1 color print for the back design----saves you from printing cost-----on a dark gray shirt #30
  • front and back design on dark grey shirt----option1--- please kindly check all my 4 entries to see the versions and how it work on a royal blue shirt #29
  • My sketch is now uploaded for your review.
    • @rushing_brian hi Brian----ive seen some of the images in the Brief the designs you like..., so really want the SKETCH to be followed...or we can still make a different design similar to the ones you have uploaded? thanks

  • This is a simple and elegant design with blue cubes on back side. #22
  • if you have any revisions, pls let me know, This design is as per your brief with minor changes. #21