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Winning design #19 by Dio, T-shirt Design for Boys Shirts Label Contest
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designed by Dio

Project description

Hello we wanted to a Neck label designed for our Boys Clothing/Shirts Brand is called "Torque" As it is a neck print or a woven label it needs to be in single color. thanks

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  • CH, What is the demographics of your market? Thanks dlbonanno64
    • Hi We are targeting Action sports boys in general

  • Hello, I just have a couple questions. —- Does the shirt label need to be a certain size? —- Is there a logo for Torque that you're able to upload? Thanks
    • Yes it needs to be 2'x2' or 3'x'3 approximately around that but not more the 3'x3' thanks

  • Hello, I submitted design #8. Any feedback will be appreciated. Is it a solid color that must contain or we can use different graduations in the same design?
    • Hi Its actually cool looking as well! Yes we can on Graduations. thanks

    • |--|

      mlbintl {*wrote*}:
      Hi Its actually cool looking as well! Yes we can on Graduations. thanks
      |--| I uploaded design #21. there are 3 variants all done with 1 color in different values. Please tell me if you like better one of this 3 or none, in comparision with the first designs. Any sugestion will be welcome. Thank you.

  • mlbintl hi there, We need to know if this contest is for a logo along with the label. If this is just a label do you have your current logo to upload for the designers to work with to include on the label. Label contests would need you to include your current logo. If you need the logo as well then the prize will need to be increased top cover both logo and label. Please let designcontest staff know if you need any help
    • Hello Sharie, This is for Mail label which goes in back of the shirt. We don't have any logo yet. I don't need a logo just a main label. thanks

  • Hello Contest Holder, I hope you enjoy design #4 . Your feedback would be really appreciated! Thanks, Dan
  • Hi CH, I submitted entry #2. Hope you can give your comments. Thanks!
    • hello There was a Movie called Torque meant Movement of force or Moment of force. So need something inspired from that. this is not a movie's brand.

  • Hi Can you please make this square box in to an Octagon. thanks
    • nhr

      Yes, of course.Thank you for the feedback. Designs #32 & #33

  • Hello! I submitted design number #23. Will love to get your inputs. :) Thanks!
  • Hello CH i submitted design #41. I'm new in this contest taking thing so i was wondering if you could give me some feedback of what you think about my design. Thank you.
  • #40 Any change you like, just tell me, thank you! Feedback is always welcome ;)
  • #28 #29 #30 #31 #34 #35 #36 #37 #38 #39 Dear CH, Thanks a lot for rating. Could you please feedback/suggestion about my all designs? thank you
  • Dio
    Hello CH I have submitted designs #19 and #26 . Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thank you.