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Winning design #47 by Kash786, T-shirt Design for broski Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kash786

Project description

Our company manufactures and sells Bluetooth headphones, our brand is becoming a lifestyle brand and therefore we want to make some T-Shirts with our logo and designs attractive and interesting enough for people to want to purchase them.


You can see the product on our website


and on Instagram 



We have great engagement with bicycle BMX racing however we want to GET OUT OF THIS SMALL SPACE there fore the designs don’t have to be cycling related


Get creative and think of a lifestyle brand that caters to mean and women from 18 to 50 years old.


Our customers are young outgoing healthy oriented people who workout, eat healthy and lead an active life


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  • I have chosen your design and will award as winner. We need to do a couple of changes #47
  • I have chosen your design and will award as winner. We need to do a couple of changes #47
  • Can you please send this version WITHOUT the words: Bluetooth Earphones. We really like your design #57
  • Dear Richardosinger,

    While look at this designs please keep yourself in place of your customer who is wearing this tees.
    Here is a design which says everything about your brand. Logo in center give look of power, I have given outline for earpiece so people get to know that you people are Designer who design their own product and you people think of giving people what they need clear and powerful sound which is wireless and give sytle statement to your customer and they can use it while they are taking walk, jog, work, etc

    Thank you #63
  • hope you like this. #58
  • dear sir, please see my revised entry #55 according to your comments. if you have any comments please let me know. thanks. #55
  • Please take out the words: Bluetooth Earphones GREAT DESING #52
  • Change the earbuds to look more like the kind we use THANK YOU #51
  • Take out the worlds: Bluetooth Eaarphones #51
  • Take bluetooth symbol out please #51
  • About #48, @ricardosinger, thanks for your feedback. Here's the version without bluetooth symbol and the text. Hope you like it. Thanks.
  • hope you like this. #47
  • Will these be screen printed, and if so how many colors are you looking for?
  • Love it but would like to try without the ear. Seems too busy with the ear #38
  • This one is very cool as well. Can you try to take out the Ear and leave the earphone only? #40
  • Love this design :) Can you please take out the bluetooth symbol as well as the words: Bluetooth Earphones #37
  • Could you try a sample with the background that you are showing on the photo but on the shirt? May look real good. #16
    • @ricardosinger Thank you for your feedback and rating. I will do as soon as possible

    • @ricardosinger
      Please check at #36, #30, and #31. Thanks.

  • here is an original youthful design and that fully hits the theme I hope you enjoy it #34
  • I really like this design but I feel it needs the logo under I'm listening #2
    • @ricardosinger Thank you, your new design is just on point

    • @ricardosinger Thanks for comments! I submited another one with these ghost buttons #26

  • Dear Ricardosinger,

    here is what you are looking for. It music streaming till your heart where is your branding Broski. Perfect branding style which says all story about your brand, hope you like it. Just thing as a person who is wearing this tees in an event you will definitely feel the power of being different from all other brand.

    Thank you. #24