Bully Free Hawaii & Bully Free USA

Had so much fun hosting a t-shirt design contest for my Bully Free Hawaii USA campaign. Simple and engaging at the same time. Great service & will be using it again in the future!

$173 paid

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14pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #78 by erikpetrosky, T-shirt Design for Bully Free Hawaii & Bully Free USA Contest
Gold Medal

designed by erikpetrosky

Project description

Bully Free Hawaii USA
Bully Free Hawaii USA is launching the annual campaign to encourage people to stand up to bullies.  Our motto is H.O.P.E (UPDATE: Helping Others Persevere Everyday)  The logo for t-shirts & posters will be used for this year's May 2015 annual event declared by the United Nations as Anti-Bullying Day (a.k.a. Pink Shirt day) 

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  • Cute I like the back of this shirt. Not so much the front #63
    • @BullyFreeHawaii I made a new front for this shirt, it's #71.

  • Cute! Could you take out the no symbol (the white circle with slash through it) on the word "Bully" #64
    • @BullyFreeHawaii I made the change, hope you like it. Thank you for the feedback.

  • Update #70
  • Actually looking at this one is there a way to make "Bully Free" white? The text not the blue part. #51
    • @BullyFreeHawaii Absolutely. I have messed around with a few combinations that I like: #65 #66 #67

  • I like this one and #48 the best, but not so much the black. Could you play around more with the colors? #50
  • Update #60
  • Update #59
  • Update #58
  • Updating the design #57
  • Please Check This One I hope you Feedback my Designs #52
  • I really like these ones. Could you change the acronym to our updated one: Helping Others Persevere Everyday. I like the acronym going down vertically in this one better than in #38. Looks more neat.

    Also, t-shirt has to pink, but I love the colors. Could you somehow change the colors around on a pink base?

    • @BullyFreeHawaii Love the new acronym, I played with a few color schemes for you to consider - #48 #49 #50 #51

  • Love the islands and the continent on the hands. The logo is a bit small on the front.. Could you switch the sizes of logo and the Bully Free Hawaii USA? #34
    • i will switch... thanks for your comment. if you have any suggest, just ask me. About #34, @BullyFreeHawaii

  • Very cute. Might be a little too youthful. But I like where you are heading! Could you incorporate the updated* motto: Helping Others Persevere Everyday #19
  • I like this one too. Could you incorporate the new changes mentioned on your other design? #24
  • Cute. Could you change the motto to our updated one: Helping Others Persevere Everyday #5
  • I'm liking the yellow. Same instructions as #23 but I'm wondering what it would look like with a sun instead of a hand. #22
  • I really like these ones. Could you actually take out the '&' so it just reads Bully Free Hawaii USA and new slogan is Helping Others Persevere Everyday. Thanks! #23
  • About #37, 2 vector images (front and back) to look good on a dark and a light background, and can be scaled as large (or small) as you'd like it to be. Any and all feedback is appreciated, hope you like it. #36 #37 #38 #39
  • just one question, the t-shirt must be pink?
  • I am sorry, I had a typo mistake so I am uploading again some of the designs just in case. #20