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Winning design #82 by SAHEAD, T-shirt Design for Camp Aguila Contest
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designed by SAHEAD

Project description

I am looking for an awesome, retro-feeling eagle-themed T-shirt for a summer camp, called Camp Aguila. Single color. 

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  • Hi there tringley

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  • Hi, Sorry for the delay in the revision of the design # 61, I made the full range of basic colors shirts, I hope you like it. Thanks #82
    • @SAHEAD I like it a lot! I've selected this as the winner! I still have just a few minor changes I'd love to take a look at so we can get this complete. I will probably have to print this on grey T-shirts, so I would love to see what it would look like with dark green/forest green on grey, and black on grey, with an image of the whole shirt so I can see it all. I will also probably have this design printed on the back of the Tshirt, with the words "Camp Aguila 2016" on the front, just like they are on the main design (Camp Aguila above, 2016 below and smaller) printed on the front left, so are you able to send a file with that in the matching font? Finally, I really had hoped to see what it looks like with a few different fonts for the Atascadero CA part, are you able to try out a few others that you like? I'm still not totally happy with the fonts so far....

  • CH, i am submitting my design. Hope that you like it. Kindly comment CH. Thank you! #79
  • Thanks for trying out an eagle, but somehow it seems out of proportion and a mis-matched style between the photo of the house and the illustration of the bird. Any way the house & trees could look more like an illustration? And maybe a different, smaller eagle? #43
    • ok contest holder thank you for the feedback and God bless :)

    • hi contest holder good day to you sorry for delay to submit my new update designs because I'm out of town. please check my new update entry thank you and God bless :)

  • Thanks, but I really like the shape you already have in #61.
  • About #61, @SAHEAD Looking really good. Can we make "2016" just a little smaller, and try out a couple of different fonts on the "Atascadero, CA?" And are there any other color combinations you think would look good with this design? Thanks for your great work!
  • Hi, here I try to change the background and font layout and eagles from the previous design. Thanks. #62
  • Hi, This is a revision of the best designs I do, I hope you love it as I am. thank you #61
  • I just realized that I like this version better than the other because there's more space above the house and trees.
    So, let's concentrate on this one.
    Can you:
    1. Take away "Summer Camp"
    2. Put Atascadero, CA down below the design, under
    3. Put "2016" right below "Camp Aguila"
    4. Change the birds to more eagle shape - in a size and design that matches the scale and look of the trees and the house.

    I'd love to see this in the color scheme just like this, and then maybe reversed to green on white (I didn't really much care for the blue, but thanks for showing it that way.) #51
  • hi,
    what do you think?

    thanks #60
  • I am still enjoying this design, too, but don't care for the scratchy look, and would like the word "camp" to be less prominent and the word "Aguila" more prominent. Also "Aguila" probably in a san serif font. Maybe remove the 2016 part too. And then see if there's any way to incorporate an eagle flying above the trees? #32
    • ok contest holder thank you for the feedback and God bless :)

  • Hi, This revision of the design and I hope you like it. Thanks #56
  • It's cute, and I like the cheeriness of the design, but there are no mountains around here so they really don't fit. Oak trees and eagles would be the main images to work with. #40
    • About #40, @tringley thanks for the feedback! I'll produce something with these elements.

  • New images of eagles show more what I like as far as the eagle would go - soaring, gliding eagle.
    And for everyone - I love the designs that look more like an illustration rather than looking too much like a photo, if you're using the photo of the house. It isn't the best picture of the house, so it shouldn't be super prominent. Thanks for all the amazing designs so far! I'm confident I'll find the perfect one!
  • Hi there - I'm liking this one a lot - could you show what it would look like in different variations of blue, instead of green? Also, could you replace the words "Summer Camp" with "Atascadero, CA" which is the name of the town, and across the bottom add 2016? I'd love to see what it looks like...
  • please see my new design proposal #54
  • Interesting - I like the eagle aspect, I like the bold lettering, but it's not retro-enough like I was hoping for #34
    • About #34, @tringley Maybe too retro since I took it back to the Aztecs. XD

    • @tringley Touché. You're so right! I guess retro means a whole lot - I was thinking more 40's-50's retro, hiptster style but I'm not sure that's even the best description. I'm not sure the best lingo!

  • Hi, This is my first designs, I hope you will like it and give me some feedback,
    Warm Regards
    Sahead #51
  • I love it - I love how you used the photo to make it reflect the photo I included. A couple requests - could you share the file of this design without being overlaid on a shirt? Just the design alone so I can see is most clearly? Also, I would like to see it with just the word "Camp" above, and just the word "Aguila" below. Finally, can the birds flying be eagles? These look like ducks to me... great work, thanks! #28
    • ok contest holder thank you for the feedback :)

  • You can choose any solid color you want. #37