Caribbean inspired t-shirt, laid back feel

2nd time using design contest - everything worked out great both times


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Winning design #117 by Squewheet, T-shirt Design for Caribbean inspired t-shirt, laid back feel Contest
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designed by Squewheet

Project description

Im interested in front chest and a full back T-shirt design - laid back feel. The business is name "Believe-In St John", it is a Villa on the island of ST John in the Virgin Islands Front: name and maybe palm tree or view of island Back of shirt to say "Six gears - with nowhere to steer" Im picturing a image of a jeep parked on the beach, not necessarily the main object, maybe facing a sunset, guy in a hammock, palm trees, maybe a beach bar or dock. No more than 3 colors, could even be some type of washed - silhouette look ** I most like the image I uploaded "kc_white_burnout", I like how it looks and that it not centered on the shirt

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  • Are you planning on printing these shirts on the same shirt colors that you printed your last contest ones on. Thanks, Squewheet
  • About #3 & #4 Hi- hope everything went well with the production of the last t-shirt design. Changed the colors and erased the jeep, tell me what you think. Oh and what t-shirt color(s) do you have in mind on printing the designs on ? THX
  • The jeep is to much... the background is just ok
  • Hi Kirarja - I like the palm and the background somewhat, maybe in rasta - green/yellow/red ? Dont like the font thanks
  • Im looking at this thinking what if the "Six gears" was moved left and the "nowhere to steer" brought up? OR Six gears on top with the "Six" part of the the left of the image a little and the "nowhere" brought up?
  • This is Cool - I picture it more as a front chest kind of thing, could I see it in other colors?
  • About #15: I made the front design into a back design kind how you suggested. I am working on the other ones to figure out the best way to do what I wanted to do with it. I will upload them later. Thanks, Squewheet
  • The top is great - again maybe different colors if possible, Im not crazy about the "six gears" font or placement , maybe a different font /maybe smaller and place above the jeep on an angle ? Im being picky here - but would it be possible to make the jeep facing the other direction?
  • Hi Painted Pony- This is great could I see it in different colors? It would likely be done on white shirts as well as some pigment dyed, Henna/Dillweed/Denim Possibly a dark charcoal instead of the black? Thanks
  • Hi bdkane~ Thanks for the feedback/rating on #8 I submitted another comp for your review that has more of a contemporary paint-splatter look to it to see if you like: #13 #14 Cheers! PaintedPony
  • I was looking at your portfolio and thinking this may be a cool back design, done large like the mailer haven or pdx designs
  • looks cool- could you show some different fonts? maybe different placement of fonts? maybe the six gears not so pronounced?
  • I like the tree and the splatter background but the colors and the font are not really working for me
  • Hi - I like these but a little to retro for what im doing Thanks
  • These are too cartoonish for me, I do like the font used...
  • It could also just say "Believe" without the "in"
  • This is cool - the "Believe In" looks a little odd with the text - possibly another font? and maybe a small USVI under JOHN
  • Hello Bdkane - I wanted to submit it to see if you wanted anything else.
  • Hi Squewheet - I like this, is it possible to get a jeep in there maybe on the far left or right?
  • Hello~ I just uploaded a few revised back options for your review: #52 #53 #54 I made the brush stroke area at the bottom a little bigger/wider. Please let me know if you'd like to see any additional revisions. Cheers! PaintedPony