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Project description

What I need for this contest is a collection of four t-shirts designs. Each submission needs to be four designs. 

We are a high-end cat furniture company. Please take a look at our website to get an idea of what we've done so far with our brand. 

For the collection, we're doing a spy cat theme. In the 1960's the CIA had the idea of using cats as spies by attaching things like listening devices on them. It was called Acoustic Kitty Project.  

These images need to look realistic; nothing cartoon at all. Please stay along the same line of the attached images for how realistic they stay.

I want the colors for the design on the t-shirts to be just one or two. We really like black, white and then the ipod gold color. That doesn't mean that it has to be those color though. We are open to something else, maybe just not too far off from that color combination.

Each t-shirt needs to have our logo. The cat in the middle of the logo should be different on each t-shirt. (There is an example of the cats in the logo changing in the attached jpegs.)

What I need is four different t-shirts, each with a different cat with different equipment attached to them. This equipment needs to be similar to the equipment in the samples I'm attaching. It's antique/out-dated looking stuff. I've had an artist come up with some images that I really like using ink. I would like the artistic style of the t-shirt design to stay pretty close to the style of the images I'm attaching.

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  • i create one , if you happy with my design , i will create other 3 design what you need....
    thanks sir :) #3
  • Hi Mike, Submitting 2 artwork for approval. Let me know if I am in right direction so that I will work with rest. Thanks #1