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Project description

Need a fun pheasant hunting logo for a group of 20 guys to be placed on a green or camo long sleeve shirt.  It can but does not have to include the following: 

1. State Flags (Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota)
2. Hunters shooting shotguns
3. Pheasants
4. The location ("Colome South Dakota")
5. One shooter shooting purple glitter out of shot gun

Logo preferably on the back
Flags or other items can be on shoulders
Smaller Logo including Vantage Communities can be on front (

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  • here is the white print version #22
  • is my revision..., i coudnt find a camo longsleeve sweatshirt type that has a front and i just took this...with collar..., but the important thing for now is to show you how it would look..., i put the nebraska and south dakota flags on the arms..., removed the CCE Development, and made the PHEASANT HUNTING bigger..., just tell me anything you want for the final design...i will work on it..., i also made a white print option.., but i see in other camo shirts for is mostly an orange print...or white..., thanks #21
  • About #13, @erwinubaldo87
    Take off CCE Development, can you move the state flags of Nebraska and South Dakota to the arm sleeves? Also, instead of a triangle in the background, can you use the outline of South Dakota? Also, put on long sleeve camo shirt?
  • @chris_weigand
    Hello, please check also entry #20
    thank you
  • About #6, @Jalaluddin
    Nothing about the post is on here.
  • About #5, @bkarts
    No design?
  • @chris_weigand
    retouched design and font #19
  • @chris_weigand
    Hello sir, please
    check entry #18 , thank you.
    I really enjoyed working it.
    Hope you like it
  • Sorry sir for late respone, how about this one, maybe i miss something, tell me more please, hope u will like it sir. #14
  • here is my 2nd entry..adding the 3 flags you mentioned..., just let me know..if you want any changes....thanks #13
  • hi..please ask for any changes...if you like this design..., thanks #12
  • About #4, @arekelek9 I can upload logo but this is still a very plain design. Does not have any elements I asked for
  • Maybe you can upload your logo with svg or eps file, & please your feedback ? #4
  • About #1, @cybergraphics96
    These are not pheasants and the camo looks bad
  • your feedback? #3
  • your feedback sir? #1