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Winning design #97 by DyNiC123, T-shirt Design for CI Pavement Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DyNiC123

Project description

We are looking for a neatly designed shirt that we can use to give to customers, friends, vendors etc. . that aren't salesy but still represent our logo and  brand.  These would be more about showing our fun side vs. trying to get someone to call us and designed to be something someone would actually wear because it looks cool.   I was thinking about using our orange and blue colors in an American flag design with our CI logo where the blue and white stars would go and perhaps making the flag appear weathered. . But we are completely open to suggestions. 

I think we'd prefer something small on the front and larger on the back. .

We would be ordering both girls and regular shirts.

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  • Can I see this one with the flag on the front and maybe a little less weathered? We can then move the smaller CI logo to the back below the neck like this one? #98
    • @robandcob ok contest holder thank you for the feedback

    • @robandcob my design is already done, but how to show you my update design. thanks

    • @robandcob file:///E:/t-shirt/ci0000.jpg

    • @robandcob file:///E:/t-shirt/ci000.jpg

    • @robandcob file:///E:/t-shirt/ci00.jpg

    • @robandcob please check my designs thank you

    • @DyNiC123 I can't see that. Where are the images?

    • @robandcob just copy the link. thank you

    • @robandcob

    • please check thank you

    • @DyNiC123 Ok, my fault, I didn't scroll over. That looks good, but can we just see one more change? Can you add the word Pavement to the small logo on the back (up by the neck)? Sort of like this:

    • @robandcob ok thank you for the feedback

    • @robandcob

    • @robandcob please check I have 5 example thank you

    • @DyNiC123 @DyNiC123 Very good again. Let's go with the third option in your list but can you have it say CIPAVEMENT.COM below the small logo on the back instead of just pavement? (no www) Once we have that, we'll be ready to roll!

    • @robandcob ok contest holder just wait for awhile

    • @robandcob

    • @robandcob please check thank you.

    • @DyNiC123 Love it. How do we award you the victory?

    • @robandcob thank you for the feedback

    • @DyNiC123 Can you send us the files for the shirt?

    • @robandcob how? in my experience is, I well sent my file if I select me as a winner.

  • feedback please #95
    • @kayum786 Decent design but the statue of Liberty looks a bit too New York for a Texas company.

    • @robandcob Thank you. i am glad you acknowledge my design. i use american flag so to match that theme i used this element even i thought that if i used statue of liberty people will definitely acknowledge it filling that its a mistake but when they will see they will also get to see your logo which is below that artwork. any way thank for you feedback. i will try next time with different approach.

  • Option #2 would be to weather the flags a bit less and put in our font (like the word pavement) right below the flag on the bottom.
  • hope you like sir, add some texture at the design #92
  • give feedback please. :D #88
  • new version---with PAVEMENT below the CI logo on the BACK design #87
  • water color design. i hope you like this. #86
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  • side #83
  • CI Pavement T-shirt Design Entry #82
  • gray with orange shade #81
  • gray with blue shade >> " all design made for both gender " #80
  • logo color design #79
  • Blue design #78
  • Orange design #77
  • version7....without white stripes #76
  • version6-orange print #72
  • version5---same as version4--just different shirt color...anyways this 1-color print will work on any shirt color you want #71
  • version4--large back flag #70
  • version3 #69