Col Pepper's Paintball

Great working with ngontesdc and Design Contest once again. Always a pleasant experience.

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Winning design #44 by 7AW, T-shirt Design for Col Pepper's Paintball Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 7AW

Project description

Quick and Simple Paintball Mask

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  • I don't know if you can still make alterations after the closing of the contest but if you can please provide this version with "Ball Smacked positioned squarely underneath your graphic please. Let me know how to ask for alterations if there is a different method of doing so. #44
    • 7AW

      Hi @commissionsolutions, I know of no other choice but to choose my design as the winner and we finish at the stage of finalization. Thanks, ngontesdc

    • @ngontesdc I've chosen you as the winner. Not sure why it's not going to the next stage or do we have to wait the week now. I would just like to pay and get the design in the various files you would provide.

    • 7AW

      @commissionsolutions we can solve everything in the finalization stage and you will get all the desired files.

    • 7AW

      Admin @sharie may be able to help.

  • inverted. #67
  • version with a black fill in. #65
  • I have uploaded a version with black fill in #64
  • About #51, @Zonestudio
    Thanks for the feedback and sorry for late submission,
    We have put some different splatters on the requested mask. Hope you Like
  • 7AW
    simple, the proportional size design, multifunction to shirts dark and light, tractable on a plotter and screen printing #49
  • Hello. Here is picture I've painted from V-Force Grillz SE.
    Tryed some different realistic splashes and dotted background. #33
  • I gave you an 89 rank only because of the mask itself. Get the splatterts right now please. #29
  • This mask with #15 lens splatter and #12 and #14 right side mask splatter #29
  • This lens splatter with the right side mask swplatter in #12 and #14 #15
  • Hello there

    Please takea look at my design and share you valuable feedback. #32
  • the #31 have the splatters following the contour and perspective of the mask while the #30 have the splatters flat inside the mask. Time is running but of course other details can be fixed if you select this design : )
    Best regards.
  • The lens splatter from #15 was actually better I thought. #14
  • This is a great mask but can you get the splatters to look more like they are actually on the mask and not just superimposed over the image? Just black and white and the inverse please. #25
  • Original design, vector drawing that can be printed in any media. hope you like it. I will also upload some other variations.
    Best regards. #22
  • i hope u like, thanks #21
  • i hope you like and choose my design. thanks #20
  • If anyone can find a silhouette of the V-Force Mask and put splatter marks on it they will likely win. I may be impressed by something else don't get me wrong, please send other aggressive looking masks if you can find them.
  • Please look at the new file I provided. I think the top 3 photos of the V-Force grill demonstrate the aggressive style of mask I'm looking for. Try to stay away from the cartoony looking stuff.
  • Hi, this is my creation paintball mask #11