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Winning design #12 by Pranav96, T-shirt Design for Colby L. Carr Builders & Designers Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Pranav96

Project description

Kitchens - Bathrooms- Basements BUILDING THE FUTURE FOR YOU! Office - 215-646-3102

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  • submitted the design #1 , i dont know wht color scheme u want so i keep it simple with black color,pls add some more detail wht do actually want in a ur tshirt design
  • About #11 & #12 Hi Colby23, I have submitted #11 & #12 for you to check out and see if you like them. I went with a plain and simple design for you & I kinda went with your logo that you have now. Also To keep it down on cost of printing, "Since I do screen printed transfers myself" I kept the design at a one color minimum....also by having this design at a one color minimum will reduce on setup fees for getting them screen printed or whichever way you choose. I hope you like the design and if you would like to see anything changed please don't hesitate to ask for the changes and i'll be glad to make them. Feedback and Comments are appreciated! Thanks, Squewheet
  • Hi,Please feel free to provide feedback of the design #13. Thanks
  • your entry is too much like entry 11
  • ....................please. guaranteed the contest...
    • whats that supposed to mean??

    • apologize for my comment, what happens is that there constest where we strive to present proposals and ultimately useless if a winner is not chosen, the contest being deleted just not be guaranteed. apologize if I have been uncomfortable with my comment thanks

  • Hi Colby23 i just uploaded by design #30, would love your comments :)
    • I really don't like it sorry!

    • |--|

      colby23 {*wrote*}:
      I really don't like it sorry!
      |--| HI Colby23, thanx for your feedback i really appreciate it. could you give me some feedback on which direction should i be focusing. also i would appreciate if you could tell me what aspect of the design you dislike. be brutally honest :) thanx

  • your entry is too much like entry 11
  • Good!
  • great design but not the best, Thanks
  • Good, but not the best sorry!
  • Awesome Design! Thanks
  • Very Nice!!