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Hello again thanks for all submissions; the designs need to show 'friends helping a different friend' and We need stunning illustrations so take another look at the briefing to understand more about the work and references list for inspiration. For the next round there are no color specs or any restrictions other than artwork must be original.
Great colors but concept should be tweaked to show many hands can push a heart up;
The image shows an animal helping another; good starting point but ideal illustration would be a group of different animals lifting a friend
Nice colors and the concept matches the idea: different species making contact so for anyone that decided to head for this direction I suggest a GROUP of different animals LIFTING a smaller one
The illustration shows many animals together as a group

Thanks for your hard work but We are not quite there yet; revisions and new submitions should consider:

a) core idea as 'promoting a healthier life for people with special physical requirements'

b) ox teachers are focusing on atheletes with visual disabilities (but the idea should not be limited to) and additional facilitators with proper trainning could expand the number of people being helped;

c) keep vibrant colors but feel to experiment on variations;

Small note: one of the talents did define the idea as 'bringing hope through team work, no matter the advertisity'. I really like that!

Original Post

Well thats pretty much it guys: running coaches facilitates people to discover local parks and bring some joy into their lives so We need to advocate for the ones who needs additional attention to do the same. Go crazy on bright colors and pop reference We need everyone to hear about this; also do focus that people WITH and WITHOUT visual disabilities are missing on how much better this whole mess of life can be.

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  • Dear Holder i forgot it's ox not xo if you choose any one of my t-shirts i'd modify it for you
  • We only allow 1 design element per entry. Either show the design only or show it on t-shirt only.
  • Backgrounds & 2 designs on 1 entry are not allowed unless CH requests it. Please read our knowledgebase in the HELP section.
  • My first concept: Ox teaching, "for a chance to win".
  • Yes You do get it I just read the comments. Listen let me run this by someone else before adding details. Thanks!
  • Unless the CH ask for front and back designs on 1 entry, our rules are: 1 design per entry. Thanks.
  • We do not allow colored backgrounds on entries or more than 1 image per entry unless the CH requests it. Please read our knowledgebase rules.
  • Hi CH, This design illustrates a runner who's trying to cut the limitations, the kinds that always limit the blind people. This is my idea for the t-shirt, if approved, revision on colours, composition and layouts could be followed. Thaks in advance.
  • Hello dear CH, what is to say on the Tshirt? Thanks in advance.
  • I posted #54 and #55 in the wrong contest, should of been in your other contest sorry..
  • about # 51 the colors in pdf format submitted here arent seen as bright as in the cdr format
  • The orange circle represents a eye.
  • Hello CH, I have designed #48 and #49 with bold colors and letters. I have also used flat colors with no gradients or shadows so the design can easily be printed in all types of tshirt printing. If you are printing in digital format I can add gradients, shadow etc. I can also change the composition as you wish. #48 can also be used to print on the back of the tshirt with #49 on the front. I can also give you the logo section as a separate file to use as your company logo.
  • We do not allow a set up of 2 designs per entry. You can show one design side per entry. Thanks.
  • We do not allow a set up of more than 1 design element per entry. Please show either the graphic by itself or the graphic on the t-shirt, but not both set up this way. Thanks.
  • About #34 Look and advise me. Thanks
  • Sir, please see my entries on #28 and #29 an rate.. please tell me if any revisions required.
  • This is the last chance.........I spent several chats with you last night and you uploaded the same clipart again. This is not allowed and you are well aware of that. this is copyrighted design and not allowed
  • You can't use these copyrighted characters
  • hi, CH , i have made 3 design of tshirts, which gives the whole meaning,. so hope you will give feedback to me,. #88, #87, #85