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We are looking for a tshirt that addresses the most recent important events. You can take a liberal or conservative view. It just HAS to be clever (and something you could wear around kids). You can use whatever topic you want, but good examples are: "Occupy Wall Street", "The Top 1% Rules", "What about the 99%?", "Companies are People", "9-9-9", "Herman Cain is My Pizza Man", "Steve Jobs", "The Rally Squirrel", "Gaddafi", "Lindsay Lohan is a disaster", "NBA lockout", etc.

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  • I combined the Occupy Wall Street and Steve Jobs topics into this design.
  • @contestholder, i did three shirts : in my best english, hope i did oke designKB netherlands
  • This is a great example of combining two popular media topics in a very clever way.
  • #16 & #15 is a new version of my original design. I made it more like a pizza ad. #15 is a distressed Version. If you would like any thing changed Just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • like the idea, but the design doesn't give me the sense that it's a pizza ad, which is the great idea I think you were working on
  • good direction, but image is just too hard to print.
  • Hi,I have posted #63 I hope you like it. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks, Gabbagabba
  • My OWN design about NBA lockout. I hope you like it...
  • Hey Dexmind, I want to ask that #31 entry is your's or Sachin's????
  • Dear HC, I have posted #31 so tell me direction and improvement
  • I have recently posted #45, #46, and #47 please comment and consider them.
  • one design in an entry only, no versions, just one design
  • Dear Manju, don't worry something misunderstand............
  • OR, how about a "Corporations Are People" tshirt with a good image? See the one I loaded just now.
  • How about something with the Guy Fawkes image I just loaded with "Occupy Wall Street" or "We are the 99%"? Or, perhaps a joke like "We are the 47%" (or similar). Or, perhaps a comical version which just says "Occupy Beverly Hills"? Or, perhaps "Yes, We Cain".
  • might be better with just the words
  • good concept. just needs better graphics.
  • I'd love to see a similar version with "1% Rules"
  • like the design, but too expensive to print
  • #101 please check these.