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Winning design #21 by Jera, T-shirt Design for Dangerous Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jera

Project description

Нужно создать дизайн футболки для экстрим команды 

На основе дизайна машины 
С надписью dangerous 

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  • I offer you new design. Please let me know what you think.
    Thanks. #35
  • My Design. #34
  • My Design. #33
  • My Design. #32
  • My Design. #31
  • My Design for the T-shirt. #30
  • hope you like this #29
  • this is my first entry of this project. Hope you like this! #28
  • second proposal
    your feedback is highly appreciated
    thank you

    • @fuurinkazan It is a lot of white and sleeves don't need to be allocated Always please

    • @abasov_kazim Please check my new designs #25 #26 regarding to this feedback. Thank you

  • Do you think this is more compatible to your liking?
    (revision to your previous feedback about the sleeve part) #26
  • Thank you for your feedback earlier.
    I fixed the design by offering new style.
    Added some color in the sleeve and minimize the white.

    Please let me know about your opinion. Thank you. #25
  • if any revision i will fix as soon as possible. #23
  • Hello, I gave a smoothed between gray and white. Please check if you like or need further improvement. #22
  • Hello @abasov_kazim, here is the revision of #16. Thanks! #19
  • О дизайне #2, @arni_admim
    hat's good!
    It is necessary white and light-gray is smoother transition a lot of
  • О дизайне #16, @Jera
    Good design!
    But there is a lot of white, and more aggression

  • here is my first proposal #17
  • Hello @abasov_kazim, here is my new entry with improved font style. Hope you like it. Thanks #11
  • Sir, you require T-shirt for only male, or both ( Male and Female) ?