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Looking for a Unicorn T-Shirt Design for a Men's T-shirt.

We are open to something both "cartoon-like" or more realistic.

Our design esthetic is something youthful but also quality and artistic. We want our customers to have the feeling of wearing something unique (luxury) that catches the eye (Almost like art) but also has the underlying feeling of fun (playful).

Derf Shirts was born from the styles and creative vision of founder Fred Johnson.  It is our vision to create unique and quality T-shirts inspired by the inner adolescent in us all. We currently target men between 20-35. Our customer would wear our shirts on a night out or walking around the city.

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  • give me feedback #46
  • i hope you like this design, comment please, thanks #42
  • i hope you like this design, comment please, thanks #41
  • similar to my previous entry (#38) just in different/calmer colors..
    *colors are of course changeable :)) #39
  • Hi, hope you like this concept.. #38
  • Hi ch.
    Check out my design, and let me hear your thoughts on it #34.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
  • Please check my other design. Thank you. #29
  • I will give you more designs but give me a high rating

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  • give me feedback #27
  • Attention designers! If you are not seeing your submitted entry in the contest please re-submit again.

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    Thank you
  • hi please check my design. your feedback is very important too. thank you. #19
  • hello, ch.
    how do you think about this one?
    please check and i hope you give me feedback.



    DavArt #15
  • the "unicorn" you mean is a horse with horn or anything that have not make sense
  • We appreciate the 14 enteries. So far this is not the direction we are looking for. We are wanting something a little more creative and unique.
  • More design, give your opinion #14
    • @etyan Hi, Thanks for #13 and #14 but the contest is for a unicorn design.

  • Hi, I've tried submitting files in both jpeg and png with no luck. Are you no longer accepting submissions?
    • @inneryogi.atx We are still accepting submissions. I would see if maybe you can contact the website. Not sure why you would have issues. I apologize.

  • Your opinion about the design #13
  • I will do the design work I wish you would like
  • This design does not match what we are looking for. The bried stated that we are looking for a "Unicorn" T-Shirt Design.
    Thank you for your entry. If you would like to continue please submit a new design. #1