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Winning design #13 by salsades, T-shirt Design for Desert Moon Motel Contest
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designed by salsades

Project description

We are a boutique hotel that has been in business since 1955. We are located in downtown Las Vegas and we want to create souvenir shirts that we can sell at our office. 

I have seen some inspiring examples of what we can do and would like to put  this out for the designers here to show us what they think would be a winning design.

Each short must have our logo, it must have “Las Vegas, Nevada, USA”  on the shirt.

We want the logo on the front and the back to say something catchy or have a cool design or both. 

Our motel is a retro boutique place so anything that captures that is great. We have palms trees in front and a big moon sign. 

Some ideas are:

#1 I Stayed at Moon

#2 Fly Me to the Moon 

#3 XXX Movies At The Moon  - We took it down, but people loved the old sign, so a play on that would be cool. 

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  • extend it please...i will join..thanks
  • This one is a fancy type design and more cartoonish, hope you like it. Thanks #47
  • Here's my new design hope you like it, Thanks #45
  • please feedback, thanks #41
  • this is the last one. i failed to make the " Fly me to the moon" coz i run out of time. Hope you like it. Thanks #37
  • Hope you like this one. Just hit me up for any revisions or changes. Thanks! #36
  • This design is also a full vector design. I played with the lovers concept that stays in desert moon motel and i added some figures that fit with the place. Hope you like this one too. Thanks! #35
  • this is the other font option, I've used retro font style to fit with the feel of the concept. I'll adjust the color when pick. Thanks #34
  • Hi! this is the first of my design, this is a full vector and monochromatic design, printing this wont be difficult, hope you like it. Thanks #33
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  • Designs #30
  • Hello Jason, this is another update. #26
  • About #8, @jennyagung18 please read the instructions again.
  • About #8, @jennyagung18 please read the instructions again.
  • Hello Jason, this is another update. #25
  • Hello Jason, this is another update. #24
  • Please check and give me feedback, feel free to ask me anything to change. Thank you #23
  • Please Check my design, thank you #22
  • About #19, @I mean like 5 stars where you have 1.
  • About #19, @Nuruzzaman looks good but we can’t have anything with only 1 star. We need 5 stars :)