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Winning design #109 by Squewheet, T-shirt Design for Designer Quality Current Events Tshirt Contest
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designed by Squewheet

Project description

We're looking for a Tshirt design that is stylish but also incorporates a current event in a satirical, funny way. For example, the recent disaster with the debt ceiling might lead to a "Reagan 2012" design. We try to stay apolitical, but both sides might find a "Bachman-Palin 2012" shirt funny. Or, it could be about the NFL finally starting (or Fantasy Football), or NASA ending. Any event worldwide is acceptable. Think about people who watch The Daily Show or Conan. Those are our fans.

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  • About #30 and #31 Good Day CH, Here is my 2 designs. "NBA lockout and US Debt Ceiling" Events. Hope this works. Thank You
  • #24 Sorry its out of your topic, i made a funny design about medic and an oldman still looking for a hot girl.. hihi.. hope u like it!
  • Hello Ch check out 21-22 see what you think..peace
  • Definitely a better fit as we get closer to Dec 2012.
  • This makes more sense. Thanks.
  • Also good. Thanks. If you have time, can you try a text version using red and blue. I'm thinking of those cheesy election shirts that add Reagan 2012 to an American flag image.
  • Like it. Thanks for working on this.
  • elp
    #18 … a Tribute to one of the greatest kids games ever… Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego..
  • Its about NASA loosing some of the funding and the "good old days" when it was racing the soviet.
  • You are right, i will make a version that's more clear.
  • Anna Hazare...indian political activist and "the next Ghandi"
  • anna?
  • cold war?
  • not sure about the cold war reference.
  • I hope everyone is watching the news. I still like the Reagan stuff, but with Gadaffi losing power as we speak and the market going up and down like crazy every day, there's lots of other material out there.
  • this is pretty good. not sure about the bottle cap shape, but overall the leader right now.
  • zombie is probably not the right direction for our customers even though popular.
  • like this, but wondering about the "smile" reference. please advise?
  • not bad, but the issue is over, thanks.
  • Hello CH Check out 12-13-14 see what you think..