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Winning design #33 by JonyaD, T-shirt Design for Contest
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designed by JonyaD

Project description

Earth (rth) is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

See 7:36 here for my boring designs:

rth logo versions in "added files"
Note logo is 2-color (white circle representing earth, with light gray text). Logo should stay same.
See logo treatment at 1:03 here:

Shirt color will be Gildan Hammer Sport Dark Navy. Shirt image here:


rth is a global project
can use alternate language text to represent global nature of the project
for example,  地球.io  is in Japanese.
Or, can get creative... see "added files" for an old school japanese font that says "High Voltage" (from inside a 1980s era CRT monitor)
Perhaps "High Voltage" in Japanese with the rth logo above? denoting that project is "high voltage" i.e. cool.

Or maybe associate our project with the general crypto space... 
is a saying in the space.
so maybe rth logo with HODL MOON LAMBO below?
not sure if I like this though...

Needing a tradeshow option... and a street option.

I do like vintage old school vibe.

And I like foreign (non-english) elements.

Maybe something showing bitcoin and rth as peers... or rth fighting/dominating/superior to bitcoin.
Peers is better actually. We want to win over the bitcoin folks, not attack them.

2, 3 or 4 color (spot) shirt designs welcome.

that's all I've got for now. questions welcome.

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