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Project description

We are a company specialising in web-based animated content and are looking to release a new range of t-shirts/apparel that matches our brand to our viewers. We would initially like a single concept to inform the design language of the wider range of apparel.

Our audience is primarily in their early teens and passionate about gaming, online media, pop culture and comedy.

As part of the design we would like to incorporate popular quotes/memes/characters from our series, and/or references to Minecraft (if just hinting - no copyright infringement please!).

The design should not include our logo, but other text i.e. quotes/memes are welcome.

Visit our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/elementanimation to see our animation series ‘The Crack’, ‘Wild Diamonds’, ‘Villager News’ or ‘An Egg’s Guide to Minecraft’ for inspiration.

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