family owned and operated full service auto repair facility need t shirt desin with old school feel

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Winning design #42 by joehoracek, T-shirt Design for family owned and operated full service auto repair facility need t shirt desin with old school feel Contest
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designed by joehoracek

Project description

I want a t shirt that encompasses the full service auto repair facility and the old school theme that we have been repairing cars for over 30 years. I want a shirt that someone would see and say I have to have one of those. I want something simple and traditional in style that people can instantly relate the family owned and old time ideas. I would like the business name, adress, and phone number somewhere on the shirt along with some graphic or verbage. I have tried finding a quality shirt in the past and people have come up with designs that are to over the top and cluttered or to simple like a 5 year old made it. I want something in the middle. I dont mind block style lettering and outline type graphics almost that look like somone drew them. Not a prioroty but I am trying to get across that I want the shirt to look like it might have been something that was around for 30 years as the company design. Ulitmatly I am not sure what I want exactly but I want just want the old school family owned theme somewhere in the shirt no necassarily with the wording but with the design.

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  • also take the word Call off
  • take the stars out and put a hot girl with wrench or something. Put Est. 1979
  • I like the phone number on th is one but can you make it more like the other design. I dont mind if the lettering looks like 70's iron on
  • can you make the Mckeesport and Auto Body closer to same font and put Est. 1979 instead of since 1981 and maybee let me see with a different car maybee a convertible old car
  • I included the back and upper left logo for the shirt together since I would consider it part of the same design. I tried to give it a bit of a retro kind of feel without going overboard- keeping the colors simple and easy to reproduce. Let me know if there are any modifications you would like to see. Have any feedback on this?
  • Not really what I'm looking for. To cartoonish
  • Here are my entries! Tryed to keep it simple, Hope you like this!
  • #35 Heather Royal #34 Heather Maroon #33 Heather Grey All shirts are using the 64000 Gildan color pallet. A 4.5 oz, 100% preshrunk cotton. Very comfortable t-shirt that is easy on the wallet and keeps the vintage look rolling. My name is Joe and I am a screen printer that would like to work with you.
  • In #26, I kept it simple by using one color and also with simple graphics. This not only helps keep the price down, but also is catchy to the eye. The older style font really shows the antiquity of it.
  • #19 - #20 - #21 - #22 - #23 - #24 Hope that i managed to give it a retro feel. The number 30 in the middle would represent the number of years in business. Let me know if you would like some modifications to them. Respectfully, ReBrand
  • I updated my previous design a bit. My idea is that it would be printed on a tshirt with a breast pocket of the same color as the background of the image. The small circular design would be on that and then the larger design would be on the back of the shirt in the top middle.
  • I went with a single color design which will help you save a lot of money in printing costs. I've displayed the design on a grey t-shirt, however I've also made sure that it looks great on blue, red, white, and just about any color you could desire. I stayed true to your brief and tried to fit the era appropriately. Simple, not-over-the -top, yet effective and informative.
  • HI CH the color tints can be changed/adjusted. Thanks!
  • See updated designs. #41 Left Chest #42 Full Back
  • the design is final. I will download now thank you
  • Is #42 my design final or would you like any other changes?