Firearms Training Company Needs a fun design for new invention...

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Winning design #41 by bulletproof, T-shirt Design for Firearms Training Company Needs a fun design for new invention... Contest
Gold Medal


  • Thank You...However a little bit too cartoonish for what im looking for.
  • Thanks..You are right on Target (pun intended)..What is that design that's going through the words..Im not sure how easy that would be to screen print..Yes, work with incorporating a some type of warning symbol..Good work..
  • Contest Holder, Thanks for the interest in my design. Here is a revision with more emphasis on the stop jerking off text as well as larger font size for your website address. I will continue to try and work in some variations with the sign elements you've suggested. Thanks again, and clever idea by the way!
  • Hi, I came up with a new design #8. The red circles from the front of the t-shirt represent the target for the "rounds". I'm waiting for your review and suggestions and I hope that you'll like it. Thank you, dthais
  • Dear Contest Holder, I made some changes, and removed the stash guy:) Hope it's closer to what you wanna have. Thank you, Roberth
  • Maybe that yellow triangle caution symbol that you see on back of trucks..Thanks
  • Good job, however don't like the use of the gun in the Trigger Trainer.For branding purposes I pefer my logo...
  • Great job on grabbing attention...My only comment would be the shirt looks too busy...
  • Not sure of the reason for the man with hat and stach
  • Thank you..Something about the design does not grab me...Maybe its the way the Stop Jerking Off reads...Maybe its the positioning of the OFF...Thanks..Look foward to some more ideas
  • Great Colors, Great Start..I would like to see a revision that makes the Stop Jerking off bolder/attention grabbing..(Maybe a stop sign, warning sign, hazard symbol, etc.) The back looks good..Would like to see the website info larger..Thanks Great Job
  • about #3 this one includes the trigger trainer logo for the back of the shirt.
  • G'day, about #2 this is my first design. Looks good on white or black shirt. Could be adapted for any colour.
  • Here is a revised version of #32 I hope you like it!
  • Thanks...I'm really liking your last design
  • Thanks...not feeling the color combo
  • like your other design better
  • great job..
  • LOL...That is funny...
  • #31 another revised version much cleaner and complete, have a look thanks