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It was great. We appreciate all the work that went into the designs and congratulate all the designers. Design Contest team was exceptional. Sharie did a great job helping us out throughout the entire process.

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Winning design #466 by pesta, T-shirt Design for Fisher House Foundation Contest
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designed by pesta

Project description

This contest offers prize to 3 winners! 1st place $401.00 2nd place $150.00 3rd place $100.00 Create your best designs! Fisher House is a "comfort home" at military and Veterans hospitals, providing a quality place for families of injured/ill service members to stay, so that they can be close to their loved one and support them during their treatment and recovery. The T-shirts will be a gift to the recovering patient, as well as their family members, i.e. spouse, parents, even children who are staying at our Fisher Houses. The average age range for the recovering service member and significant others is 18-25. Average age for parents would be 30-50. Many of the patients will be receiving treatment after being wounded in war or training accidents so you must be sensitive to that when creating graphics and/or slogans. The t-shirt should be family friendly with a positive message or feel. However, we are looking for a design that has a contemporary feel, with a little bit of an "edge" to it. We want the service members and their families to be excited to wear it. We've uploaded a page of images that will hopefully give you a sense of the style and feel we are looking for. They are all Nike designs so respect copyrights. We are definitely open to creative designs that are "outside the box." We've also uploaded a copy of one of our logos that you could incorporate into the design...or not. The logo should NOT be the dominating image however. The file should be in vector art format. it will be screen printed with no more than 2 colors. The design should be for the front of the shirt only. How much of the shirt the design can cover is up to you. Designers please check out these You tube videos about fisher house, these videos will help you understand what the Fisher House Foundation is and what the foundation does for the wounded soldiers and families

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  • Hi CH If you could please provide with some artwork or tell something that's in your mind which could show us the path to design what u would like, it will be a great help.. Some design or some concept you want to see.. something...
    • thanks for your patience in getting a reply from us. We are new at this. We just updated our contest description to provide more detail and have uploaded a page of some images that will give you a better sense of the feel that we are looking for in this design(s). Also, if you want to incorporate our logo into the design, we've uploaded the version of our logo that we want to use. Thanks!

  • hi ch. bphillips i am working on yours project i will send to you design as well as possible soon i hope you will like my work thanks best regards babar786
    • thanks. I've just updated the contest description and uploaded a couple of files to help folks with creating a design that meets our requirements.

    • Description and samples you provide very helpful to choose the right design direction, thanks! My design is waiting for your evaluation! He's number 102.

  • Couple questions -- 1. Is this a front only t-shirt design, or is that open (front left chest, full back, etc.). 2. Are you wanting the Fisher House logo to be incorporated in the design? 3. Is there a theme, tagline, or slogan to work with? Thank you and I look forward to working on this project. I am very familiar with your organization, being a Navy Spouse myself. Best regards, DevineyDesign
    • I'm also a Navy spouse - welcome to Design Contest!

    • Thanks! I'm new to this site, but not to the designing (been freelancing for 7 years). Pretty cool. I'm excited to take a stab at a few designs.

    • thanks for your patience in receiving a reply. We are new to this and have been getting consult from the contest site. I've just updated the contest description and uploaded a couple of files that should help you out.

  • Hello CH, It is very important for us to know how many colors you want to work with as your printing cost will increase with the number of colors used. Also - which colors do you want used and on what color of t-shirt should we show our designs? If you want your logo incorporated into the design as DevineyDesign pointed out, please upload source files. Thanks!
    • colors would be 2 or less. We don't have a particular set of colors that we will be using. Color of shirt is also a variable that is not defined at this time. We just updated our contest description and uploaded some image ideas and a copy of the logo that we would use if you want to incorporate it into your design. The design does NOT have to have the logo in it. We may put it on the sleeve or on the back. Thanks for your patience with us. We are new to this.

  • Hello bphillips, I'm not sure if you've given my design (in the black t-shirt version) a 1/100 rating because you like it best or because you don't; in the first case, I'd like to have your feedback and comments on any changes/adjustments you'd like me to make. Take care.
    • see reply to your entry that we just wrote. thanks for the follow up. Keep trying.

    • OK, the brief was open to interpretation so I pitched a simple and recognizable idea. I appreciate the honest feedback yet your impression is quite misplaced, since I'm not in the habit of copying things and surely didn't copy from neither the MAW nor WWP foundations; I simply had an idea about soldiers supporting each other and used a stock war photo as reference. I'll consider my further participation, thanks.

  • Hello, I have a question. Would you happen to know which printing shop these shirts will be printed at? If you do would you be able to provide a link to their website if they have one? Thank you
    • His designs are great but we are not looking for something just like that. He will produce the tees for us.

    • Thanks for your reply and info. I believe I read your brief a couple days ago; correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this contest originally blind?

    • The contest has been un-blinded. Good luck and have fun with the designs. No copying is allowed : ) Thank you

  • MLH
    Hi bphillips - Please let me know whether I can incorporate your Fisher House logo into my design. Thanks!
    • yes, you can incorporate the logo into the design, but it is also ok not to do that. We will place the logo in another spot on the shirt if needed. I just uploaded the logo you should use if you are going to incorporate it.

  • you seem to have submitted the same entry twice. I'm deleting this one.
  • We like the simplicity but we aren't looking for a new logo and that's what this seems to be. I've updated our brief to give you some more input and a couple of uploads to provide images to point you in the right direction.
  • sorry but this one falls short. I've added some details to our brief to help you with what we are looking for as well as a couple of uploads for some visual stimuli. Go check that out and keep trying.
  • this is pretty, but we aren't looking for a logo. Also, the image looks like you copied some of it from Make a Wish and some from Wounded Warrior Project. Don't mean to be harsh. Just honest feedback.
  • Hi CH. Please find my entries #36, #37, #38, #39. I have also done two of the versions on a black t-shirt, which I think looks really striking #54,#55. I hope this is something we can work with. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
    • Hey SJK. thanks for your patience in getting feedback. We really appreciate all your submissions. The style of graphic and font for all of them is in the range of what we are looking for. But the general feel of the designs would fit in what I would call the "patriotic theme." The American flag being a big part of that, but also the words you chose. It's all good and positive, but it's not what we are trying to achieve with these shirts. I would say the one exception to that would be #54. It's still a patriotic emphasis, but we connected with us better than the others, even #39. We like the white on black better than the red, white, and blue. We want the design to reflect the people who would actually be wearing them, the soldiers in recovery and their family (spouse, mom and dad). #12 is a good example of what we are really looking for. Keep trying.

    • Thank you ever so much for taking the time to critique my designs, its much appreciated. I have taken your comments on board and produced designs #193, #194, #195, and versions #197, #197, #198. The latter soming up the whole cause in a single line. I hope these are more what you're looking for. Regards SJK

  • Only one design per canvas is allowed, please read the rules before posting
  • About #71: Hi bphillips, I submitted my first entry #71. I kept the design simple but used some strong powerful words that we should all use when talking about our veterans from all wars that was fought for this country. I choose to put it on a dark blue but made the wording the white and bright red to make it stand out. I then put the Fisher House Foundation Logo in the bottom left of the shirt. I have the designed this design to be print ready....I have used the proper color mode for this and I kept it to the 2 color minimum to keep it down on cost. I hope you like this design and if you would like to see anything different...just let me know. Also Feedback & Ratings are Welcomed & Appreciated. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Hi bphilips, I submitted my last proposal but unfortunately the moderator banned it (I think he didn't understand that it was the same design and now I'll explain you the project) please consider the design #29 for understand. I think that this design, composed by two t-shirts, is the "edge" way that you're searching for. The first t-shirt "I fought for USa" is for the militaries and the second "They fought for USa" is for family's members. This concept create a strong and impactive unity between the recovering patients and their families and so it emphasizes the importance of Fisher House Foundation that can permit this nearness. This slogan it can be used also outside for express the pride and patriotism of (ex and not) militaries and who support them. Thank you for your attention, please tell me if you have some feedbacks. Rod
  • Herbert, gotta say no to this one, plus #47 and #48. Same feedback as before. the slogan/messages are not what we want. The font on this one is all wrong. We need something much more contemporary. check out the designs on the Nike website. That's the direction you need to be going.
  • gotta say no to this one. the graphic makes it feel more appropriate for a political campaign. the message is just not what we are looking for. Sorry.
  • Herbert, gotta say no to all three of your entries. the messages are lame and the font/graphic is boring. Sorry.
  • in the contest brief, we share that it will be the soldier or their family that would be wearing the shirt. This message doesn't work as a result. Also, don't like the combining of fonts. Definitely don't want that script font. This one's a zero for us.
  • font is not what we are looking for. doesn't fit in this application. The lion image would fit better for an insurance company. refer to the attachment of image ideas that is on the brief page. That's what we are looking for.