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It was great. We appreciate all the work that went into the designs and congratulate all the designers. Design Contest team was exceptional. Sharie did a great job helping us out throughout the entire process.

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Winning design #466 by pesta, T-shirt Design for Fisher House Foundation Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pesta

Project description

This contest offers prize to 3 winners! 1st place $401.00 2nd place $150.00 3rd place $100.00 Create your best designs! Fisher House is a "comfort home" at military and Veterans hospitals, providing a quality place for families of injured/ill service members to stay, so that they can be close to their loved one and support them during their treatment and recovery. The T-shirts will be a gift to the recovering patient, as well as their family members, i.e. spouse, parents, even children who are staying at our Fisher Houses. The average age range for the recovering service member and significant others is 18-25. Average age for parents would be 30-50. Many of the patients will be receiving treatment after being wounded in war or training accidents so you must be sensitive to that when creating graphics and/or slogans. The t-shirt should be family friendly with a positive message or feel. However, we are looking for a design that has a contemporary feel, with a little bit of an "edge" to it. We want the service members and their families to be excited to wear it. We've uploaded a page of images that will hopefully give you a sense of the style and feel we are looking for. They are all Nike designs so respect copyrights. We are definitely open to creative designs that are "outside the box." We've also uploaded a copy of one of our logos that you could incorporate into the design...or not. The logo should NOT be the dominating image however. The file should be in vector art format. it will be screen printed with no more than 2 colors. The design should be for the front of the shirt only. How much of the shirt the design can cover is up to you. Designers please check out these You tube videos about fisher house, these videos will help you understand what the Fisher House Foundation is and what the foundation does for the wounded soldiers and families

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