Fishing shirt with a dry sense of humor

I am very pleased with the work you did. Thank you very much. I wish there was a way we could work together on some other designs. I have several more that I need and would love to work with you on those too. Do I need to go through the contest process again?

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Winning design #55 by lkpryand0000m, T-shirt Design for Fishing shirt with a dry sense of humor Contest
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designed by lkpryand0000m

Project description

We need a t-shirt design that consists of a realistic Dolphin in the foreground. That fish is being drawn out of the water towards a boat in the background. The boat has a person in it that is almost covered with other Dolphin that have been sucked out of the water, attracted to the fisherman who is wearing one of our shirts. There are other fish in various stages of arriving in the boat. There should be a banner on the top "Certified" in smaller letters like a stamp of approval, "Dolphin Magnet". The "Certified" is as if you have gone through some USDA testing or something. Once again a little humor there. Catch phrases along the bottom might be, "Dolphin are attracted to me" or "Rod and Reel Optional", or "I FISH but I also DUCK!". The whole design should be a realistic depiction of a Dolphin fishing trip. The designs I have that don't sell well are the ones that are too cartoony. I know that isn't a word but I hope you get the idea. Most fishermen just want a picture of their quarry on their shirt. Some will actually get the jokes. But it is very important to have the fish look like a real fish. Some designs I have include a magnet creatively incorporated into the design. Some have used lightening bolts to show the attraction powers at work. I am open to other ideas along these same lines. I'm hoping someone can wrap all this into a great new t-shirt design. Please include a Trademark Symbol by the "Dolphin Magnet". Thank you in advance for your interest in this project.

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