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Winning design #14 by PYNproject, T-shirt Design for Free2Live Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PYNproject

Project description

Free2Live is a movement that is leading the fight to secure the freedoms of all Americans.  Whether the issue is racism, gender discrimination, discrimination based on sexuality, or religious based discrimination, Free2Live symbolizes hope against civil injustice.  We are a call to action.  We need everyone's help to win the fight against injustice in America.  Everyone deserves the right to be themselves.  Everyone deserves to be Free 2 Live.  

We are looking for a design for a graphic t shirt using the slogan Free2Live.  We are looking for the artist that best captures the feeling of this movement.  Our only direction is that the design be bold, aggressive, and edgy.  This is the first of many designs we will be looking for in the near future.  We would love to find a partner to collaborate with on future projects.  Feel free to email us if you have any other questions.

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  • Thank you all for taking a part in this project. We will be doing many more in the near future and all of you are asked to participate. With your help we will make a difference. We want to streamline this process so we don't keep you all waiting. We will be selected a winner by 12pm EST on 9/13. Because there were some other great designs, we will be making offers as well. Stay tuned and remember we are all free to live
    • @mrsfleming2010 ok CH thank again and i wait to our result a winner god bless you

    • @mrsfleming2010 hello CH sorry for missing to put hashtag,, If you like see my new update i will sent you ,,, here my gmail:

    • @mrsfleming2010 Dear Client, few days ago my design got 96 points, and today that design is at 0 points. Can you explain me way? Thank you in advance.

  • By the way, I will go through and make sure I rate all of your designs if I have not. Thanks again.
  • Can you add a hash tag to this please? #67
    • About #67, @mrsfleming2010 hello CH do you have and idea to put hash tag

    • @mrsfleming2010 hope you like my all designs,,, thank you for your feedback.

  • hope you like #88
  • Here your request hope you like my idea for hash tag #87
  • hope you like ..Thanks #76
  • how about this one CH #74
  • Dear Client,

    Wrong written letter can often draw attention, and people could be curious what the sign say. #58
  • Dear Client,

    I made the fist gray. In previous design it was white, maybe this way looks better. #57
  • I think we are close...can we add the fist to the R in free please. That's my last request #52
    • @mrsfleming2010 Dear Client, I will make following changes. Do you want this design on tank top or to leave it on T Shirt?

  • I love it! I will rank soon #53
  • Can I see this on a tank top. I think this is an awesome design. #51
    • @mrsfleming2010 Dear Client, thank you for your feedback I will make changes as soon as possible.

  • I really like this design. We are looking art that allows the viewer to develop their own interpretations of our concept. We do not want our viewers trying to determine what we are attempting to convey. That is our only concern with this cool piece. #21
  • I really enjoy this design. While I do not believe it is perfect for what we want to convey in this campaign, I think it may be perfect for the one we are going to start immediately after. Please stay tuned and submit for our next contest. #35
  • something similiar with #13 by @JonyaD , LOL hahahaa #41
    • @PYNproject hello PYNproject it's not similar to other design i used 3 shape to combined it,, Triangle, circle and shield

    • @gemmarcuizon it has similiar concept, look the circle in front of triangel, also the position of the text, also the stars on the side of circle and above the circle . Lol . you just have different on Shield, but have same concept.

  • About #30, @gemmarcuizon hello Ch kindly check this one hope you like
  • Thank you for your feedback. I will come up with other design .
  • Thank you for your submission. This design doesn't represent the look that we are hoping for. I do not understand the dripping blood. #16
  • Thank you for your submission. This design doesn't represent the look that we are hoping for. I do not understand the dripping blood. #17
  • We are enjoying your simplistic point of view. Sometimes less is more. Thank you for your submission. #19