Funky baby t-shirt

I am so happy about the designs!! I am now a true fan of Design Contest. It is easy and you really can get what you need. Thanks!

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Winning design #60 by CJYEPEZ, T-shirt Design for Funky baby t-shirt Contest
Gold Medal

designed by CJYEPEZ

Project description

This is t-shirt has to have a design hip and cool for a baby. We don`t want babies dressed with giraffes and elephants with balloons. We want babys to wear clothes with cool phrases and funky designs. It could be to a funny phrase referring to their parents or a recipe for any situation while growing up among others.

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  • Liked a lot the oriental design! what about exploring instead of a girl all in black a girl in a modern Kimono?
  • Liked a lot the dinasour!
  • Liked a lot the tatoo idea
  • Loved the twitter idea, maybe the stroller looks to traditional, what if changing it to a funkier stroller?
  • Liked the design and the car, maybe the teddy bear rabbit looks too sweet, what about having like a monster in the car?
  • Liked the idea however the piggy is not as nice. Maybe a different pig might work.
  • Its not as funky, it feels super sweet but the design in the romper looks nice.
  • I Like the Milk phrase however the face design feels not funny at all, maybe a diffente face design might look better.
  • Hello :) Do you have the ability to print on the neck / off the shirt? (as is necessary for #60 ) Typically that's done using a belt printing technique...just curious, as that could open up some other possibilities. thank you for your consistent/great feedback!
  • Terrific! perfect for a baby!!!! sweet but with the grown up malice
  • Loved the simplicity but the creativity on this one
  • I dont totally get the red line on the back, maybe the skeleton design would look better without it
  • This is a little bit common
  • A gimme (give me) monster!
  • The story of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde retold as ice cream (with mustaches!)
  • Sometimes, bad things happen to food people. It's a sad, but funny, fact. In this image, poor Mr. Crisp has been crushed, while his friends grieve his tasty demise.
  • Hi :) This isn't so much funny as it is something rad for babies to wear. A trail of candy in various states of being eaten makes for a cool, graphic tee. Thanks for your time & consideration.
  • thanks
  • Just because the car is made of carrot, the monster needs to pretend as the rabbit to drive home. :D
  • Here I'm .. ;)