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Winning design #152 by dbb201, T-shirt Design for Gaia Body Works Contest
Gold Medal

designed by dbb201

Project description

We are an all natural skincare company dedicated to changing the way people buy skincare products. we are one of few companies that actually design and craft products with skin health as a priority rather than maximizing profits. We want to design a shirt that is clever and witty that gets our message across. We want people to know we are natural and superior, but we want to do it in a casual, playful & classy way. We also want the shirt to be something people will actually wear... So keep it interesting... 

Here is a little information about us... we don't expect you to use all this information in the shirt, but hopefully this will help with the creative process. Feel free to come up with your own sayings... can't wait to see what yall come up with !!

What we sell:
All of our products are made by HAND
-Artisan SOAP
-body scrubs

We have a couple sayings... 

1. "it's not just about keeping the bad S*** out, it's also about putting the good stuff in... and vice versa"..
2. " natural, healthy skin is not rocket science, we just do it right and do it the best".
3. "lather, scrub, rinse and be awesome"
4. "keep it natural. Keep it real"

Pillars of product development:
Cleanse, Nourish, Moisturize, Detoxify 

Target audience:

Age: 25-45
Education: people who appreciate information and science. People capable of understanding puns and sarcasm.
class: our products are not "cheap". We are not a walmart brand.

the green in our logo is 

or RGB  140/168/98

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  • Im not a hue fan of the rays. I would like to see some different styles of the rays #134
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  • this is my new updates hope you like #150
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  • About #152, @dbb201 if chose this as the winner, can i get multiple variations of this design???
    • About #152, @Jordan3 variation like?

    • @Jordan3 thank you for rating ch,, you have chose as winner design,, thank you this contest i'm so happy to make t shirt

    • @dbb201 like different color t-shirts and also want #67

    • @7Dreams I really like your designs @7dreams

    • @Jordan3 can give u different color tshirt for #152..

      If you also want #67 than u need to send ONE on ONE project invite to me. Than I can give you that too..

      We are allowed to pass only 1 winning design..

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    • @Jordan3 you like other color of t-shirt?

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    • @Jordan3 #154 is the new submission sir

  • Please have a look at the entries #152 #153

    For trees you dont need to worry sir.. The final placing can be done according to the Tshirts final size. It can b brought down till shown in this image.

    Rest all wont be in issue in Screen Printing.
  • I really like these trees, But i don't think they will screen print.. Can you move them off the bottom of the shirt somehow so they will be able to screen print. So move them up into a printable region #127
    • @Jordan3 ok sir.. show u both artwork in few minutes..

  • About #147, @dbb201 this design looks great. I decided not to include the background patterns.. see comments on shirt
    • @Jordan3 ok sir Background image / patch will remove..

  • these designs look great. #147
  • Please feedback my new entry thank you for give me high rate
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  • Kindly Check this one CH hope you like #143
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  • Nice, I really like the additional design here. #134
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  • more detail needed on the back #113
    • About #113, @Jordan3 can I ask ofwhat additipnal details you would like to be added? thanks.. :)