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We got a ton of great designs and it was so easy! Will definetely be using design contest again, very happy with our design!

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Winning design #22 by officialrapz, T-shirt Design for Gem City Social Sports Contest
Gold Medal

designed by officialrapz

Project description

We are an adult social organization. We host social events and sports leagues for adults in the Dayton, Ohio area. 

We are looking for a fun eye catching design that our players can wear during our sports leagues. We are looking for a single color design that can easily be screen printed. Ideally we would like a front, back, and sleeve design option. 

We pride ourselves on being an integral part of the Dayton community. We would like a design that reflects our love and commitment to the city of Dayton. Dayton is known as the Gem City, thus our name "Gem City Social Sports". A winning design would showcase the fun social aspects of our organization as well as give a call out to the city of Dayton.

I have uploaded our current logo that we are using for the front of our shirt. Feel free to incorporate this logo but we by no means is it a requirement in the new design.

Facebook: gcsocialsports
Instagram: gcsocialsports

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  • Would you be able to do this design but without the crown overtop? So far we love it! #9
    • @gcsocialsports Thanks for the feedback ,Sure I will do a design revision as you requested . Thank you

    • Pleasant greetings !! @gcsocialsports, Kindly check the design revision, I made two different stunning design #21 and #22, I hope you like the changes , if there's anything changes please let me know,Thank you

  • Love the direction of this! Could you remove these will g parts on both sides? #11
  • hope you like this too. Thanks, Best regards! #16
  • this design is much more minimal, good looking much more classic and very easy to print using screen printing, hope you like this style of design, Thanks #15
  • Hi, Just in case you've changed your mind and you wanted 2 or 3 color combinations, here are some of the colors for my entry #12. hoping you like these colors. Thanks #14
  • colorway for my entry #12 #13
  • Hi! Here is my design, this is a single color design easy to print and ideal for silk screen printing. Hope you like this one and feel free to comment down any revisions thanks! Best Regards. #12
  • I hope you like
  • Dear
    here is my vision
    If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.
    We are looking forward to your suggestions!
    All the best... #7
  • This is great! However, we play all different types of sports so we don't really want to respresent just one sport in the logo. Also, the Dayton skyline can easily be found online. If you could make this represent our actual skyline that would be awesome! #4