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Winning design #18 by Aizats, T-shirt Design for GIVE IT ALL TO ME Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Aizats

Project description

This is going to be a fashion garment, so it needs to be pleasing to the eye. we need a very bold T Shirt that incorporates the text GIVE IT ALL TO ME. Want to see as many different ideas as possible - graphic tees, backgrounds, noise, striking fonts. would like to see some graphic tee designs incorporating the text especially it can be GIVE IT ALL TO ME that means in a relationship or GIVE IT ALL TO ME in terms of give me the whole world and everything in it i want to see a design that incorporates the text in the style of the file uploaded, using the image that is uploaded of the face also, super imposed in the text.

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  • its ok but need some grafix to give it some energy, this way too simple
  • sorry not feelin this at all
  • its too hard to read the text
  • dont like the font or color on this
  • sorry this is way too amateurish. im looking for a slick, fashionable design
    • Yeah, sorry about that, I'm still starting out, trying to get a hang of what I'm doing. I simply just don't know enough about graphic design and the program I'm using enough to really do much of anything! Thanks for being honest and giving me some feedback though!

  • and the text needs to be a lot clearer, try a different font
  • nice try but i would prefer to see both eye in it, its very hard to make out the face in ur design
  • thanks but we're looking for something a bit grittier, slicker than this
  • as do the other versions u submitted, sorry
  • this looks like an exercise t shirt design
  • too simplistic and this is not a novelty t shirt
  • this is ok, best of them so far, dont like the font really because the ALL looks like ATL
  • at last someone with an entry with more creativity! not quite what i am looking for but definitely a step in the right direction. perhaps a different font, perhaps sharpen up the whole image. also would like to see this on white
  • welcome to the leisure centre is what it screams to me, sorry
  • cant read the font
  • could u find a more sophisticated or modern font?
  • liek the font but not the color
  • dont like the color
  • design is too small
  • too much going on and almost ineligible