Golden Roses. Apparel Simple T-shirt

I would like to say Im very pleased and will continue working with design crowd I've complete two already and feel as if this is perfect for my solo career launch.

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Winning design #28 by Nicholle, T-shirt Design for Golden Roses. Apparel Simple T-shirt Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nicholle

Project description

The DemoGraph is High School Male Teenagers / Young Male Adults .

The back of the shirt we would like the words BAD INFLUENCE.     (with the period) In thick white text across the back of a black & White T-shirt (Only two colors)  Black and white / White & Black  an example is below Thats a Honey T-shirt Great back font.

& for the front of the T-shirt.
We would just like the GoldenRoses Logo as a Tag at the bottom of the shirt. 
Choose one of the GoldenRoses logo's for a tag at the pictures section. Id Recommend whatever best stands out but still looks good and matches.

The winner Design has the opportunity to work close with the owner and we have a ton of work need to get done!

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  • If you can make the back just a little smaller You'll be the winner thank you for your hard work! its greatly appreciative! We would love to continue to work with you! #27
  • If you look at number #2 how he Blacked & white bar'd certain words, I really like that. But your font and tag is nearly perfect if you smaller the tag a little bit and add the bars too the bottom words for both black and white, I will make you the winner for your number 24 update #24 asap and we can continue to work together! #24
    • ok contest holder just wait for a while :) thanks for the feedback

    • hi contest holder please check your request thank you for the feedback :) nicholle

  • Also if you can add the logo colors to the tag that's be great! #24
  • Your front has to be my favorite out of all of them but the back doesn't seem to stand out all too well, I'll look back for updates! #6
  • I really like the backs that you've done, but I think the font could be a little more stand outtish and also if you can take away the front logo, We decided to get a logo sewn on the front instead . Thank you! & Great work! #2
  • This is actually pretty cool, but I'm looking for a more masculinity feel to the back but the front and side are actually really cool and give me an idea I can have you do in the near future! #17
  • I love what you did with the backs of #10 & #11 They're hard to choose from and I keep looking at #16 cause its really eye catching. I think I the shirts would be better without the GoldenRoses Logo instead I should get a Tag sewn at the bottom of the shirt to give it a richer feel.

    Could you take away the front logo for me I think 1 of your 3 is the winner. I'll check for an update and keep you posted Im gonna get my advisor to reference them. Great work! #11
  • Hi sir,i try to make a design for your t-shirt. Feedback please.
    Best reggard. #5
  • how about this sir? #4