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Winning design #34 by janhgph, T-shirt Design for Group Dynamix Contest
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designed by janhgph

Project description

Group Dynamix operates the largest indoor teambuilding center in the U.S. We produce extraordinarily fun events for youth, companies and organizations at our activity center or at customer locations anywhere.  Big attractions: largest ropes course in Texas, Black Light Dodge Ball, Bow & Arrow Tag, a jumping pillow, pedal carts, tennis ball canons, and much more.  We would love to highlight the heart beat of our company regarding team building (without being cheesy like a trust fall--we don't do that kind of thing).  We do plenty of "just fun events," but deep down we really want to connect people in fun ways and help them leave our facility a better team or group than they were when they walked in.  Bottom line, people matter and connecting with others is the forefront of what we do.

This t-shirt can utilize elements of who we are, what we do, the ideas of team building, connecting people in fun ways, or other imagery or ideas you can gleen from our website at

Ultimately we hope the shirt fits our message, mission, and purpose while also helping the person wearing it identify themselves with us and their experience with us.  Can be fun or serious.  Can be minimalist or complex.

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  • Can I see this design with one more tweak? Remove both the sun and the moon? #34
  • dear Ch, if only you can extend the contest or atleast make an elimination round for designers it would be great.. thanks #57
  • Hi Ch..please check my entries design at #53 , #54 , #55 and #56
  • About #52, @john_grcena Things look distorted a little, like they are stretched in some places. Feels a little too busy, It's hard to discern what's happening everywhere and the text on the top isn't too flattering either.
  • About #51, @john_grcena I like the concept, the stroke on both shirts almost distracts me from understanding what is going on with the letters. Any chance we can see it without that outlining to see if the details look more clear?
  • About #48, @rendesign Love this design. Any chance you can move the word "IN" up next to the word "people?" It seems strange that such a small word create such a large space in the design. Unless there are things you can fill the space with around the word "in."
  • there some change sir, i'm sorry if it delays, hope you like it #49
  • About #13, @Novuz sorry for late response sir, i will submitted the another version soon,thank you
  • Hi CH @GroupDynamix please check my design entries at #48 , #47 and #46
    thxs ... have a nice day
  • About #13, @Novuz left feedback and never heard from you. That's a shame. This could've been a real contender in the contest.
  • About #42, @rendesign I like this design. The multi stroke on the text gives it a vintage feel. Any chance the word "in" would fit next to "people?"
  • To integrate your facilitators (aka everyone that works there being named Francis) into the merchandise... #40
  • Looks great. Thanks for the edits. I will take this design to my owners and see what they think. Good luck!
  • Revised design with sun and crescent moon combination 2 #35
  • Revised design with sun and crescent moon combination 1 #34
  • About #33, @janhgph Can we try having a sun on the top left of the crest and a moon on the top right? We do events any time of day and sometimes all night!
    • @GroupDynamix So, I'll just add a sun on the top left and retain the moon on the top right side or would you like to change the shape of the moon?

    • @janhgph can you change it so a crescent moon?

  • Edited version, combination 2. Please let me know if you have other suggestions or revisions. Thank you for the feedback. #33
  • Edited version, combination 1. Please let me know if you have other suggestions or revisions. Thank you. #32
  • I hope you submit another version! This is a great design. #13
  • Thanks so much! I will see if there is anything else our owners would like to include or if they have any thoughts. Great work and fantastic turn around! Top notch! #30