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Project description

2019 Honolulu Century Ride - Event Participant T-Shirt (2,000 riders / t-shirts printed)

Look & Feel of T-Shirt - an island vibe with a cool bike edge

Hoping for something Bike Focused & Original. (biking is cool, fun, adventurous) 

T-Shirt Setup

  • Front Design Only - 16”x16” max print area - (back will be sponsor logos)
  • Screen printing on a solid color dry fit t-shirt
  • Color of t-shirt - TBD based on design
  • Full color design

Include on T-Shirt

  • Event Logo:  Honolulu Century Ride - (preferred in design - not required)
  • Organization Logo:   Hawaii Bicycling League - (optional - we usually place on the back of t-shirt w/ sponsors)
  • Other Art:  Aloha Print with birds of paradise flowers - is being used in our 2019 HCR cycling jersey, and within other event graphics. If this fits into the design, that is a bonus. - Not the main focus of the design. (see jersey design attachment for reference)
  • Required Text: Honolulu Century Ride 2019 (I believe font is Arial, italicized - text and logo do not need to stay proportionate to attached)
  • Optional Text:
    • 38th Annual
    • Ride Aloha
    • HBL.org
    • 25 Mile, 50 Mile, 75 Mile, 100 Mile

 About Hawaii Bicycling League:  HBL is a local non-profit and has been the leading bicycle advocacy organization in Hawai‘i for over 40 years.  Our mission is to enable more people to ride bicycles for health, recreation, and transportation through advocacy, education, and events.

The Honolulu Century Ride is the largest cycling event in Hawaii, and a major fundraiser for us, and we need YOUR HELP to make the 2019 HCREvent T-Shirt Awesome!

Event webpage - HBL.org/HCR

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  • simple t-shirt for honolulu century ride 2019 celebration. But im sorry for the back-side the design, i just give you a guide about the back-side design, the logo "Hawaii Bicycling League" on upper back, and the flower from paradise is same on that side #26
  • Hello sir, update entry. please check all image. Kindly review and drop feedback on this update. if you need any change please contact my inbox. Will give more options if you want sir.

  • See comments on other version regarding font. #23
  • I hope I've understood your comments correctly! Please let me know any amendments you would like. I've given a different font option for the text inside the island on the neon green version. Please say what you prefer. #21
  • Thank you for the color options. Same comment as entry 16... just looking for something less common and more unique. #17
  • Thank you for all the work and effort. I feel like the design is overall too common, and too clip art. I was hoping for something more unique and original. #16
  • I am asking for a t-shirt design, on front of shirt only. The jersey was just an example of another piece we are creating for same event. I also would like something original and unique. Not same as other. #14
  • About #15, @new.england
    Hello. I like it. I think we are moving in the right direction. May I ask for the following changes:
    Remove the (3) Birds of Paradise flowers.
    Remove the 25, 50, 75, 100 Miles.
    Drop the full aloha print inside the shape of the island of Oahu.
    Let me know if you have any questions. Yay!
    • @sateash Would you also be able to try out a version, of what I mentioned before, but using the color of the t-shirt to be the bright neon green? Therefore the biker would need to be a different color as well. Thank you!

  • About #19, @yasmine
    No thank you. I am looking for a designer who can create something original with more technical design abilities.
  • About #18, @yasmine
    No thank you. Not what I am looking for.
  • About #20, @adjiesan09
    Thank you , but you have provided a jersey design. I do not need a jersey. I am looking for a t-shirt design. And I am looking for something original. Not what I have already created.
  • redesign for your celebration, thank you for the comment. and criticize my design. if you want to be revised, I am ready at any time. :) #20
  • without black line #17
  • Your design has potential. It is not intended to go on the jersey. But instead on the front of a t-shirt. I donʻt think we want "Hawaii" on the shirt. Could you do a similar thing with the bike using the (2) "o"ʻs in Honolulu? Also, the ride is miles, not kilometers. Thanks! #9
    • @sateash Thank you for your response. I made a better one at #16

  • Hello sir, update entry. please check all image. Kindly review and drop feedback on this update. if you need any change please contact my inbox. Will give more options if you want sir.

  • Thanks so much for you comments! Do you have an eps/vector file of the Centuery Ride logo? The PNG file is quite blurry :(
    • @new.england - Sorry, I only have these that I have attached

  • I do like how you placed the logo in the middle of the 2019. I also appreciate the additional cyclists. However, I donʻt want to just place everything on this aloha print. Hoping for something more original. Thanks! #8
  • I do like the island chain, however, we are on the island of Oahu. And we only bike on Oahu, so if you could also remove the trail of tiny bikes, that would help. The (2) birds of paradise seem to just kind of float in the middle of nowhere, so I recommend either removing, or grounding them and making them a part of the design in a way that brings it together. Thanks! #12
  • Same comment as your other entry #10... I am not adding to the jersey. Only want t-shirt. #11
  • Thank you for sharing this idea for the jersey. But I am not looking for any changes to the jersey. Only showed jersey as an example. I am looking for t-shirt design. #10