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Winning design #54 by erwinubaldo87, T-shirt Design for Hentzen Contractors, Inc. Contest
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designed by erwinubaldo87

Project description

We have been seeking out a professionally designed t-shirt with our company name/logo.  We are a general contractor  in Wichita, KS who does mostly residential remodeling and insurance restoration.  Most of our t-shirts that we have made in the past feature just our company log on the front above the pocket.  We would like a design that looks edgy, contemporary, like more of a fashion shirt.  Be creative!  I am wanting a design for the back of a t-shirt that will coordinate with our new logo and website.  I would also like to see options for a long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt too.  If you find different ideas that differ from this, that is ok too.   Here is a mock up of the new website for design insipiration: http://entermotion5.com/hentzen

I would like to add that we are a family owned business who depends on its reputation and word of mouth referrals for most of its business.  I want to take our company to the next level and a new tshirt design is one step along that road.  Our logo is very recognizable in our area but you can deviate from it or modify it if you would like if you have a different idea.

Info pertaining to our company that might be of interest to use as part of the design:

  • Est 1963, in business for 55 years
  • Wichita, KS  

Thanks all and I can't wait to see your creativity come to life!!!

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  • NEW design.., feel free to ask for any changes.. #55
  • front and back design preview..thanks #54
  • same font "HENTZEN" as your logo..., thanks #53
  • COLORS matches your website #52
  • Dear Jill, please find my first design for your T-Shirt contest. Kind regards, Liz #47
  • this RED version...is not same color theme as your website..., but its really cool...,please also check my other entries.., thank you #38
  • GREY version---matches very well your website #37
  • hope you like it....grey white and blue...,matches your new website...and your new logo..i will also upload a grey-white version that is also perfect match for the site...color theme..., thank you #36
  • hopefully I have your wish #29
  • please check my revision, hopefully like your expectations #8 #9
    • @dafiadel I like the design but what if we just put the Wichita KS part in for the "reimagine your home" I think it currently has too many words.

    • @jill2 i will do my best sir,

    • @jill2 i will do my best sir,

    • @jill2 i will do my best sir,

  • Please use the proper spelling of the company name #10
  • I wish you would include the 55 years because it becomes outdated quickly #15
  • Please include the full name of the company #18
  • Please include the full name of the company #19
  • Please include the full name of the company #20
  • Please include the full name of the company
  • Please include the full name of the company
  • Hi Sir .

    could you provide some feedback #14 #3

    Thank You :)
    • @wblearners as of right now this is not one of my favorite designs. I think it needs more imagination and feels a little flat. I think I could have done something like this in Microsoft Word and I was hoping for something that would WOW me.

  • I want something edgier/tougher. Maybe a different font would help. #5
  • I really hope you like this, all include briefs in it. let me hear your next wish, thank you for your feedback. #6 #7
    • @dafiadel please take the 3rd generation thing off and replace with something else