Hines Park CrossFit 9/11 Memorial Competition

graphics are great! you did an awesome job! I will be back in touch for more work. Thanks again.

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Winning design #8 by TagaGuhit, T-shirt Design for Hines Park CrossFit 9/11 Memorial Competition Contest
Gold Medal

designed by TagaGuhit

Project description

Hines Park CrossFit is holding a competition to raise money for a local fireman who died recently of cancer. He left behind two children and a wife as well as mounting medical bills. This is our second annual event and we want it to be special. One of the firefighters sketch a picture of Ryan and they would like to include it in the design in some way. We would like to in some way pick up the vibe of CrossFit as well. I can send you the sketch. I added the original picture that the sketch was based on. I added the Hines Park CrossFit Logo and last years event art work. Below is a link to the registration page for more context. Thanks to everyone. I'm looking forward to some great designs! http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e63p3zqu651f47ca&llr=jfc9cdeab

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  • Are you going to have these shirt screen printed or you going to have them done another way.
  • I have added some addition art and the original pic of Ryan. Let me know if you need anything else.
  • Let me check and see if I can get the picture.
  • The scratch picture is good. But I guess it will be great if you could upload his photo too. I know all the designer have great skill to convert from photo to illustration. Thanks.
  • Sorry to hear the sad news. But is there a way we can get the original image of the guy. So I can get the fine details on the image. Thanks, Squewheet
  • About #3: I took the photo you uploaded and then turned it into a vector image and re done the face so you can see it a little better. Then You couldn't read the Patch on the hat so I redone that so you could read it. Then I made a nice badge so that the image could go right in the middle of it. I put your Cross Fitness logo on top of the badge and on either side of the badge I used your small badge logo and then I made a nice "Remember 9/11 Badge" and at the bottom of that it say "in loving memory of Ryan Swick". The I made a nice simple banner and put it over the bottom of the shield/badge and put memorial challenge in it. And below that I put the date of the challenge. I kept the design to three colors and I used the colors that was used in your original logos. I hope you like and If you would like to see something different then just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Couple things. First, thanks for the entry. 1. I like the rendering of Kyle's photo and I like the concept of him hovering behind the light towers. 2. I'm not sure I want the design to look exactly like last years design. Many of the people already have last years shirt and I would like them to have something a little bit different. 3. This year our sister gym "hines park crossfit is the sponsor rather than Plymouth CrossFit. 4. 09.11.12 should be the date for this years session 5. I do like the blending of the date with the pic of kyle so maybe stay on that theme. Thanks again
  • I'm leaning toward dark shirts but if you have an idea that will work on a lighter shirt, go for it! As for the colors on the shirt, check out the logo that I attached. If we can stick with the orange black and white that would be great BUT again, I'm up for a good design and if other colors will work better I'm open.
  • Ok do you have any specific colors in mind that you would like me to use. Thanks, Squewheet
  • They will be screen printed. I'm looking to keep the colors to 3 colors if possible.
  • Dear CH, Revision of #7 is applied at #8. Thank you! TagaGuhit
  • Dear CH, Definitely i can do that!!!! ^_^ Thank You! TagaGuhit
  • Taga, Can you change memory to memorial. If you can do that I think we have a winner!
  • Dear CH, revised design of #4 applied at #7.Thank you! TagaGuhit
  • I love it! The only thing that I see that will have to change is the date at the bottom. it needs to read 09-11-12.
  • Hi CH, hope its not too late to rate my late submissions :) Tell me what you think of #11 & #12 -- Esphan
  • Dear Contest Holder, Thank you for choosing my design. I've already sent the following: - .ai file (editable) - .eps file (editable) - .jpeg file (actual size) - presentation in shirt If you still need more files or you have minor revision with the file just inform me. Again, Thank you very much! TagaGuhit