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Winning design #41 by TCMdesign, T-shirt Design for ICT Company Contest
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designed by TCMdesign

Project description

Our organization has recently developed a new vision statement. As part of the launch of this new vision we will be providing employees with a t-shirt. This contest is specifically for the design of the t-shirt. Design requirements: The T-shirt has 3 must have elements: 1. Text: ICT Liberator 2. Text: Our Vision: To liberate enterprises big and small from the complexity of ICT 3. Logo: Position only placement (I will add the logo after a winner is selected) Guidance: The t-shirt should play to the term ICT liberator in a fun and playful way - superhero, fist breaking through a wall etc. We are open to designs on a navy blue, black or white shirt. Allowance should be made for both a mens and ladies shirt (the ladies shirt will be V neck). Ideally, it is preferred that ICT Liberator appears on the front of the shirt and the vision appears on the back (this is not set in stone if we can be convinced otherwise. Upon selection of the winning design final files are to be provided in English and French (we will provide the text required in French, but please allow for this in your design) We want the overall style to be fun and punchy. For your reference our corporate colours are: (primary) Blue CMYK: 0/70/0/30 (primary) Gold CMYK: 0/16/100/0 (secondary) Purple CMYK: 68/71/0/0 (secondary) Green CMYK: 65/27/100/10 (secondary) Light Blue CMYK: 70/20/8/0 What you need to know: We are an ICT company that provides data centre, managed IT, cloud, connectivity and professional services. Good luck!

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  • Thanks for your entry - not quite what we are looking for. I would prefer to have the concept communicated in a more visual nature vs. just the words.
  • Hi Dennis - thank you for your submissions - hoping fro something a little more sophisticated. I like the idea of including an IT element in the design, but think that these concepts need some work and some. Thanks for the submission.
  • Hi lizonil, I like the concept, but think it needs a little bit more pizzazz and additional detail. While I like the concept of breaking free illustrated visually I am concerned that this particular image communicates the wrong message - a broken link in the chain makes me immediately think of a lack of unity, the weakest link etc. Perhaps, if something was breaking out of the chains (aside from the binary) it would communicate the message better.
    • No problem, I was going for a clean fresh look. I get the broken link thing, yes you are right, that would give the wrong message. I will take some time to work on something with more pizzazz for you. Kind regards, Liz

  • Dear Shawn, regarding #8 #9 #10. I have come up with a concept of chains being broken, the chains are made of code, the middle one has been stretched and snapped to show liberation. I have made a design for the nape of the neck. You can use this on black or white shirt, the font used matched the code. This can be larger or smaller, as with the nape of neck image. I don't know what your logo looks like so I am not sure where it would fit. Please let me know if this is heading in the right direction. Kind regards, Liz
  • Hi blocpuzz - not we are looking for, thank you for your submission.
  • Hi CH, front & back design drafts #6 and #7, if you would like me to adjust anything to your requirements, please message me. thanks - blocpuzz
  • Again like the text treatment of this one - not sure about the image.
  • Hi Pavian - I like the text treatment that you have used for the vision - maybe this can be the focal point of the design? I am not 100% sure about the fist. The cell phone image doesn't quite work for our company.
  • Thanks for the submission bableo - I think the design is a little too busy - I like the treatment of the text and the logo placement, perhaps try to simplify
  • Hi Pavian - nice work - this is definitely more along the lines of what we are looking for. Where would the vision text be placed? Also, although the mouse is good representation of desktop IT our focus is more on data centre, networks, etc...is there a different element that may illustrate these types of things?
  • Hi all, Thank you for your submissions thus far - some good designs so far, I would like to see someone take a shot at a different image - there are lots of fists in use, but I haven't seen any different approaches - take a crack at thinking in a new direction :)
  • Hi Pavian, this one is getting there! Looks good. I am not sure about the yellow text though - perhaps a different colour? Also, could you indicate where the logo would be placed?
  • Hi Pavian - don't think the image in the fist is right - try making the text the focal point
  • Hi lizonil - this is getting there - I don't like the treatment of the text, needs to be clearer. Also - the colours that are used should be the colours included in the brief. Where would the vision be placed?
  • Hi ppnndn, Looking good - can we eliminate some of the extra space where the character is? Can he be truly breaking out of the binary? I would remove the line holding the cape around his neck well. Almost there, think is just needs to be a little more integrated.
    • Hi Shawnagee i wiil post imediatly whit the change what You ask.

    • Hi i post a new version #46 what do You think? Best Regards

  • Hi All - some great designs coming in! It will be a tough decision when the contest closes, thank you for the good work!
  • Hi TCMdesign - really like this one....could you try with the text in a straight line?
  • Hi ppnndn - I really like the inclusion of the character, I know that he is quite simple in nature, but is there anyway to maybe add a cape and make him look like he is flying our of the numbers (similar to how the dove was used)? Also, I prefer the colour treatment of the text that you used in the version with the dove. Thank you for your efforts.
    • Thanks for feedback i just uploaded a new version #38 and #39, conform your request, for more changes please just let me know. best regards

  • Hi Amezarak - definitely like the originality, but not sure it quite fits with our brand. Thank you for the submission!
  • Hi Designers! I have uploaded a new file to the brief that may be helpful - it an illustration of a character that we use in some of our materials - he may be worth including in your designs. Cheers.